Do You Blame Yourself For Her Fussiness

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Pea Pod - March 6

Anytime my dd is fussier than usual, I start thinking of all the things I ate or drank that maybe gave her a tummy ache or something. Does anyone else do this? Also, can what I eat or drink really have that much of an affect on my milk? I really like my morning coffee, but lately have been mixing it with decaf just in case too much caffeine gets into my milk. We had a pretty spicy dinner last night, so I'm sorta worried the milk I pumped this morning is going to bother her...I guess I'll know soon enough.


mamagoose - March 6

I absolutely do! Whether I'm right or not, I don't know... I always think maybe I overstimulated him, or didn't put him down for a nap when I should have, or maybe caffeine from my cup of coffee is agitating him, etc. I heard that caffeine does get into b___stmilk, and it stays in baby's system longer because they don't metabolise it very quickly. It can make them jittery and over-alert. For the spicy food / taste of b___stmilk, I've always wondered just how much the food we eat changes the taste of b___stmilk, I guess the only way to find out would be to do a taste test for yourself, haha!


flower.momma - March 6

It all depends on the baby. My son didn't like it when I ate chocolate at first, but now he's fine with it. Also, I drink my morning coffee every day, and sometimes a cup of tea midday, and he seems to have no ill efects from it.


venus_in_scorpio - March 6

every mother blames herself for everything! i was the same way when i b___stfed, and thats a lot of the reason i switched to formula at 12 weeks. I felt guilty for taking my pain meds after my c-section and b___stfeeding, no matter how many times the pediatrician and my OB said it was fine I felt bad about it but then when i didnt take them i couldnt move and i had no help, dh had to work double to make up for me being out of work. ugh! formula solved that problem though and baby is as happy and healthy as can be...4 months old almost now....and now i can make dh feed her... haha


venus_in_scorpio - March 6

sorry, i meant 3 weeks dunno where i got 12 from


Allie - March 6

I did at first - to the point where I was completely changing my diet to see if it affected her...nothing I changed made a difference, though. She went through a fussy period from about 3 weeks to 8 weeks (not quite colic, but similar)...I wouldn't worry about it too much...


Crisi P - March 6

I do all the time! I think by now (6 weeks) I would have switched to formula if I could get her to take a bottle!



I blame myself for GLOBAL WARMING! I feel like everything I do affects her. It's crazy what us moms do to ourselves, but its in our nature. IMO that just makes you a good mommy.


Smilefull - March 6

There some sort of intrinsic/hormonal thing where mom's are blamed for everything! By ourselves too!



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