Do You Call Your Lo S By His Her Name

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drea - January 24

Just wondering how many say their lo's names to them when they are talking to them. I call my dd cookie all the time (her name is Kaitlyn) and I feel like she thinks her name is cookie, I just cant help it though. I just comes out of my mouth. I'm always like "Hi Cookie" or "Goodnight Cookie". She just smiles from ear to ear when I call her that, it so cute :-)


Rabbits07 - January 24

I call Mason everything in the world.....Baby Face Mace, Macy or Macy Baby (at Christmas time I would sing the song Santa Baby and replace the Santa Baby with Macy, the Squabinator. I usually call him Macy which dh hates because he says it sounds like a girl name.


Emily - January 24

We call Mary Mary Berry and Monkey. She was two and knew her name and could say it but wouldn't she would say "me" when asked or sometimes Monkey but I think it was just a game with her. We call Marcy, Marcy and baby Marce. He full name is actually Marcella but no one really calls her that....


sahmof3 - January 24

I call my oldest by his name almost all of the time now that he's 6... I still sneak in an occa__sional "hon" now and then, but he doesn't like it lol. My daughter is usually "peanut" or "Lea-Lex" now (her name's Leah Alexandra... that's where Lea-Lex comes from). And my baby man is "baby man" lol. They have all been through dozens of nicknames, though. Haha! We can't decide what to call them ;-)


mcatherine - January 24

I call Hudson Sunshine Boy or Boss Hog - obviously depending on his mood. My husband calls him The Bouncemister ever since the first day we put him in the bouncer. I did the same thing as Rabbits at Christmas - I replaced Santa in the same song for Huddy - we all walked around singing "Huddy Baby", lol... but we make sure we get Hudson in a lot, too - just in case!!


missy - January 24

We have so many nicknames for our lo's. My Abigail is sweet cheeks or bubba baby-sweetness you name it! My Tyler is Ty guy-bubby-chicken b___t(dont know where that came from??) baby boy!!!


BriannasMummy - January 24

I have soo many names for my little girls. Brianna we call her Beana Baby... and Sweets.. and Brianna My Belle.. cute boots.. my sister calls her Pooky.. my mil calls her princess.. and her grampy calls her squirt. Ka__sidy gets the names Pretty and Sweetpea... they each also get their real names in there sometimes.. hehehe. ~Kristin~


piratesmermaid - January 24

Sweetie, Baby Girl, Gorgeous, and Gretchen (her actual name!)


^lucy^ - January 24

my baby girl's name is Taleen, i call her tuli, her daddy calls her tootsy and my family and in laws call her tutu.. i put in some taleen every now and then so she knows her name.. she's 8 months now and sometimes would look at us and smile when we call her :)


bchflwr - January 24

I call Hunter all kind of things. I do call him by his name alot especially when trying to get his attention. I also call him pumpkin pie, peanut b___ter cup, and Hunteroo!


ashtynsmom - January 24

My dd knows her name becuase we say it when she is in trouble!! ha Usually though we call her peanut or chicken little. My husband calls her bologna b___t... don't know why!!


sophandbob - January 24

I refer to Tristan by name first, then say his nickname, which is either monkey or little man depending on the moment! I refer to myself as mummy too, so I say "shall mummy change tristan's nappy?" as opposed to "shall i change your nappy?"


Erynn21 - January 24

I call Nora Sweet Pea or Tootsie, sometimes we'll call her Wiggles, that one stuck around from when I was pg because she didn't really kick she just wiggled around alot, lol, so it just kinda stuck. I do use her name just because I don't want her completely confused.


srigles - January 24

We always call Keegan "Keegamonster." My dh came up with that and it's stuck since the day he was born! Also Monster, Goofball, Keegie, Handsome, and Keegster.


Angiconda - January 24

We call ds Landon tons of things lol we call him Landy bear, Mr bear baby bear, Landy, cranky pants lol, pumpkin pie and probably some more I can't think of right now


rl- - January 24

I hardly ever call ds by his name I use Logie, monkey ( he climbs on everything) Logan b___t...those are my favorites LOL....


Kara H. - January 24

My mom used to call me "punkin head" (I had a big round head) or sweetie pie. She has now started calling Max punkin pie or punkin seed. Max's actual name is Maxwell, but it just seem to big for him right now., so we call him Max. My nicknames for him are Maxy (which hubby hates - he said I might as well call him "sanitary napkin") or I call him MAX-max.



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