Do You Ever Sleep Again

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lacy - October 21

I haven't had mine yet, but would like to get everyones imput-just to be prepared! How long did it take your little one to sleep through the night? How long after birth before you no longer are completely sleep deprived? I am a student, the baby will be born right before school ends-so I plan to take finals early. I go back to school in february, and was wondering if I'll be a sleepy wreck all semester


T. - October 21

That really depends on the baby. Some babies sleep good and don't require much and some babies are very fussy, or colicy, and require quite a bit of attention. My baby is 11 weeks now and I haven't been sleep deprived at all. She eats once or twice in the middle of the night and sleeps great. Her pediatrician said that she should be starting to sleep through the night pretty soon. I'm still waiting for that! Anyway, good luck!


-m - October 21

My baby is 10 weeks old and she has known the difference between night and day since she was born. She's only slept through the night once (8 hours) but on average sleeps about 5 hours then wakes to eat, then sleeps for another 4 hours. I have never felt sleep deprived either.


ally - October 22

my baby slept thru twice when she was 4 weeks, then everynite when she was 5 weeks old, used to sleep til 9 or 10 am now she is up early 7ish, all r different


Barbara - October 22

Since my son was 2 months old he has slept through the night...He goes down at 9pm and wakes around 7am.It's great,though he has just learned to flip unto his tummy and he hates it so that has been disturbing him over the past few days. One thing I can say that worked for me is only let your baby sleep for 2 hour intervals during the day that way it wont be sleeping as much and your baby will be taking in more food during the day which will stick with them through the night.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 22

My baby started sleeping through the night when she was in her own room. My advice to you is develope a routine early. It is hard to get into one but everynight we bathe book bottle bed! Good luck



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