Do You Have Days When You Can T Even Get Dressed

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Lissi - October 18

I'm having one of those days. Nadya didn't sleep well last night and she's been awake and whining all day. I got her to sleep for about 10 minutes today, which allowed me to make myself some porridge, but I then had to try and eat it with one hand whilst br___tfeeding her. Not an easy task! She just needs me all the time. She now lying on the bed, talking to herself, but I reckon that'll last about 5 minutes, and she'll be crying for me again. I couldn't even get out of the house to take her to be weighed today. Is it just me that has days like this? I can't just leave her crying while I go take a shower, or make lunch. What do you do?


Narcissus - October 18

This used to happen to me and I found that playing music would satisfy his appet_te for attention. Play a CD and let her hang out in her cradle for a while. Aja is more independent when he is listening to something. About the shower...I used to take his bouncer in the bathroom with me and he liked the steam and the sound of the water. He would drift to sleep. Good luck:)


Lissi - October 18

I tried taking her into the bathroom with me, but she wasn't happy. I'll try playing her music next time. My mom just came round to give me a break, and my little cherub fell asleep just seconds before she walked in the door. Typical! :)


Tahlia's Mama - October 19

I used to put her in her bouncer or jumper while I had a shower. Now I just lay her on a towel so she can see me thru the shower door. Somedays I don't get dressed until 6pm (when DH gets home, LOL) I just spend the day sleeping with her when she sleeps. If she won't let you have a shower, have a bath with her...


mom42 - October 19

I have made a rule with both kids that I WILL have a shower EVERY day! Sometimes I use the same tricks as the others and keep the baby in the BR while I shower, sometimes she cries or lays in her crib and watches the mobile. I feel I need to be clean to be sane. As for leaving the house, um, am I supposed to do that?-lol. Really, there are days I simply decide the outside world really isn't that great and ordered in pizza will allow me to eat a "real" meal.


Jamie - October 20

Thank you!! Sorry, but I just came up with a solution to an issue, based on responses daughter has been horribly congested...but I'll go take a shower and take her in with me, let the steam help!


Kimberley - October 20

Hi :) I can a__sure you, that you are not alone hun. Some babies are more demanding than others, or they have more demanding days. It IS ok, to let a baby cry.....That is one thing I have been told many a times by midwives etc....not prolonged crying of course, but 5 minutes, which with kids is enough time to wash in the shower...hehehe....(not like the before kid showers, where I could stand there till the water went cold) As for the bouncy, I think I would have gone cookoo with my first 3 babies if it wasn't for the bouncy, gotta love that evention ;-) Try not to stress too much, I am sure she will get over this faze.


Lissi - October 20

Thanks for the support. It's just good to know that I'm not the only one who has this problem. Some good suggestions here too! Actually I did leave her to cry for 5 mins this morning whilst I showered. I felt horrible doing it, but it made me more relaxed when I did finally go to her. She cries real tears now. That sad little face is a real heartbreaker! I did plan to take her for a walk this afternoon, but somehow we just ran out of time again and we both need to sleep. I hope we will get to see daylight and feel the wind on our faces again someday, but for now it's just a distant dream. :)


Emma - October 20

I am so relieved! I feel guilty on days where Autumn and I don't get out and take a walk or do something--sometimes it's just not possible! I'm glad I'm not the only one!


keekee - October 20

Sweety, It will get easier. The ladies are right here. Try music, babies love "Quite sounds". I can't go without a shower so I would put Jordan in his carseat while I took a shower and got dressed. The shower alone will make you feel better and wake you up to face the day. Do you have a family member who can help you out for a couple days? Never be afraid to ask for help so you can at least have a hour to relax. What about a swing or bouncer chair? Dou you think she's getting enough to eat. I b___stfed and used formula(premature). Well, just a thought. Tons of (((((HUGS))))


karine - October 21

Dont feel bad about letting her cry. even 10minutes. it wont arm her, so as long as you comfort her after wards. cause you need to stay sane! and you need a little of that time. make sure to be able to take shower. and meals everyday. get it ready when she is up...and put her down to eat it.


Toya - October 21

I agree with Karine!!! Let her cry for those minutes that you're in the shower. You will feel better for it. How old is your baby? Your baby will love you for it...cause a taken care of mother can take care of her baby that much better...hang in there.



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