Do You Know The Importance Of Crib Bumpers

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mcatherine - February 14

Obviously, I don't. After the first week of tying and untying the bumper in my son's crib, I decided to remove it since it is considered a choking hazard and we would have to take it out anyway, etc... I guess I need to put it back in now since this is the fifth time this has happened in two days! Last picture on the page. (no dashes)


piratesmermaid - February 14

LMAO!!!!! That is hilarious!!! How in the world do they get into such positions?? :D


mcatherine - February 14

Who knows? We gotta watch 'em like hawks, don't we?


sophandbob - February 14

LOL! Tris does this too!!!


BusyBee - February 14

LOL! This is a favorite sleeping position of my ds as well!


Gigi19 - February 14

Saw the picture---Too Cute. I asked my Ped about the baby bumpers and she told me that we only use them in the States and that people in Europe don't use them at all. I asked her about the baby getting stuck in them (like your lo did) and she told me that at this stage their bones are so soft and bendable that they wouldn't get hurt. I took them out of my DD crib and I would find her in the same position as you found your baby.


JenS - February 14

I found my ds in that position, and he was really crying! (He looked and sounded like he was in pain!) I don't have bumper pads on yet and I'm thinking I may put them on.


piratesmermaid - February 14

Wow, that's kinda freaky, the fact that 5 of your posted at the same time.


Rabbits07 - February 14

Funny! That actually reminds me of when Clint was a baby as he used to do that and he would just dangle his legs back and forth like that was exactly how he meant to be.


mybaby - February 14

Very cute!! How old is he now?


Deirdra - February 14

that is to cute...


mcatherine - February 14

He is turning 6 months next week! Funny thing is - he doesn't cry when it happens. He just lets out a few squawks to let me know he's done it again and lies there patiently while I unlodge his legs. He just shoves them so far in there that I can't believe it doesn't hurt!


mandee25 - February 14

Haha. I don't have my bumper pad in the crib right now since my LO is only 12 weeks old but when he gets more active (like yours is) I think I will put mine back in the crib. Thanks for sharing.


Mingill - February 14

MC, that is too funny! Huds is quite the active one.


HannahBaby - February 14

WOW hes getting big!!!!! My daughter did the SAME THING only she kicked her legs up and out so she would get them above the bumper, so it didnt do anything to help me out anyway. I hated the bumper and was so glad when i took it out of her crib. Such a pain to change the sheets with it on!


Nita_ - February 14

LOL!! THat is a funny pic! Well, it makes me glad that I didn't remove the bumper off my dd's crib! I can't believe he doesn't cry though!


Marlyn - February 14

LOL! I've heard that since bumpers restrict the flow of air through the crib that they can increase the risk of SIDS.



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