Do You Let Your Baby Sleep In Your Bedroom

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sweet - May 16

Just wondering - do you let your baby sleep with you guys ( hubby and you ) - in your bedroom ( some I know, let them sleep in the same bed, which is bad I think ) Or do you let them sleep in seperate room. If so, from what age/month ?? Hope, my question made sense =)


Amaya's mommy - May 16

Our daughter sleeps in our room in a bedside co-sleeper. I worry too much for her to be on the other side of our house in a different room. She might start sleeping in her own room when she is maybe a year or so. Hope this helps. By the way, her doc recommended her sleeping in our room until she is a little older, it makes you get rest, which you need and lets her know you are there, she can hear you breathe and move around.


SC - May 17

My son who is now 6 months old has slept in the same room/bed with my husband and I since the day we bought him home from the hospital. I wouldnt recommend the baby sharing a bed if you are a heavy sleeper but I feel more comfortable with him next to me so I know he is safe at night. Hope this helps!


Tracey - May 17

We had our daughter in our room with us for about the first month or so. After she stopped getting up more than once a night, we moved her into her own room. We did get a very sensitive baby monitor though so we could hear everything. We found we actually slept better because the monitor doesn't pick up some of the gurgling noises all babies make that would wake us up in a panic. Our daughter actually slept better in her room than she did in ours. Every baby is different though. If you have a higher maintenance baby that's up several times a night, it may be better to keep them in your room longer. Or if you have a baby that cries a lot, it may be better to put them in their room right away so that at least one parent can sleep.


JenniferB - May 18

My baby is 20 months and he sleeps with us. He used to sleep in his own bed but at about 15 months he would wake up screaming and panicking until I came into the room. I started just letting him sleep with us so that we could get some sleep. I have been putting him in his own bed again and he will wake up in the middle of the night and goes right back to sleep when he crawls into bed with us. I know that people are shaking their heads at me. It is getting a little better every week :0)


Fabienne - May 18

We're going to have our baby in a few weeks and we intend to have him in our room - in our bed even , at first. we got a co-sleeper (the snuggle nest) and if baby is happy in it , we intend to use it for a few months. I'm hoping that by one year old though, he'll sleep in his crib :) -


chel - May 18

We have let both of our girls sleep in a ba__sinnett in our room for the first 3 months. Then they move into their crib in their room. By then they were sleeping pretty good at night and I didn't have to be up with them so much.


monica - May 18

with my son he slept in our room, in his own crib for the first 2 months. Then he moved into his own room. He slept through the whole night after that moment. Maybe my husband snoring was waking him up.... but we had a monitor that even pick up him breathing. I am pregnant again and hope to do the same thing as well.... everyone seemed happy.


Melissa - May 18

Different things work for different families. We have a family bed. Our baby sleeps with us and it works wonderfully for us. He nurses when he wakes up and I hardly have to wake up to accomidate him. I love sleeping close to him and we all sleep so much better this way. My baby is 2 months. My other two children sleep in their own beds, but my 3 year old still finds his way into our bed every so often. Co-sleeping is not bad, it is a personal preference. I just could not imagine having my new baby sleep in a seperate bed or heaven forbid, a whole seperate room! You carry your child in your body, soo close to you, for 9 whole months. It just seems natural to continue the closeness after birth.


hbmw - June 4

my ds is 16 months and still sleeps with us. it is just soooo much easier to roll over and nurse him if he needs it than it is to get out of bed, even across the room to a crib, to get him if he wakes.


Car - June 4

I let my son sleep in ba__sinet or playpen in my room until he was about 5 to 6 months old. At that time, when he would wake up, he would look for me and not go back to sleep if he could see me. He had no problem with the transition and sleeps better now.


Cayleighs Mom - June 14

I am a single mom (if that makes a difference) and I slept in the same bed with my daughter until she was 3.5 months and then put her in her crib at the end of the bed (which by the way is when she slept through the night) and at 5 months she is still there... here's another thing to throw out there.. since i put my daughter in her crib I have been letting her sleep on her tummy (you cannot lay her down on her back without her waking up -- when she was in bed with me she was on her back but it took about 1.5 hours to get her to sleep) but these days everyone makes you think that if you let your baby sleep on their tummy they will die... i slept on my tummy when i was a baby... anyone have any comments on tummy sleeping??


Kirsty - June 21

Our baby Madelyn is 7 weeks old and sleeps in our room next to the bed in a ba__sinet. She has just started sleeping through the night and it almost getting to the point where she is too big for the ba__sinet. I want to move her to her room in a crib but i am unsure. I dont want her to sleep with us in our room for too long cause i dont want her to become used to it and need to sleep near us. I have read and been told it can be bad for their development due to babies being scared to be alone and having problems with being in their own room when they get older.



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