Do You Recommend A Sleep Positioner

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Amy H - February 4

I am trying to decide if I should spend the money on a sleep positioner or not. I know it can also be good for the shape of the baby's head too. Anyone have some advice on that?


Lisastar9 - February 4

I thnk they have their purposes so I would get one.. I borrowed one .and need to get it back from the owner to borrow it over again.. I let my baby's sleep in my bed and I feek good about uxing one myself.


erin - February 4

I never used one but I've heard they are good to have....I would imagine if you don't use a bumper it would prevent them from "running into" the railings on a son usually does a 180 while sleeping and sometimes goes to 300 degrees but we use a well fitted bumper.


Heather - February 4

We tried one withour first daughter (MIL bought it for us) and we are not buying another for this one. It was a waste of money for us, because dd would not sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time with it. When we did not use it, she would sleep 6-8 hours (within a week of bringing her home from the hospital). We gave it to my girlfriend - her daughter was born with fluid on her brain and had to have a shunt put in, so the positioner was great for them.


katy - February 4

we have one and we received it as a gift from my baby registry. we like it, she sleeps very snug in it. i would have bought one if we didn't get this as a gift.


Erin - February 4

When my daughter did not want to be swaddled anymore, I found that the sleep positioner gave her a sense of security, and she really likes it. If she falls asleep and we set her down without it, she never sleeps as well.


Grantsmom - February 4

We bought one and it was a waste of money for us. Our son wouldn't sleep on it. I think you can get the same effect by rolling two recieving blankets and using them to prop the baby


Kelly K - February 4

I LOVE mine. My daughter will only sleep on her side and keeps her from rolling onto her stomach. I bought mine at Babies R Us for $10 so they aren't really expensive. This one has velcro wedges and the memory foam for her head.



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