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ImpatientMommy - June 12

When I give my daughter veggies... I boil frozen veggies and put them in a food processor. I don't chop them up in that until they're like baby food or anything but I do finely chop them up just because if I were to take the time to chop all those little veggies up it'd take forever. She's almost 12 months old by the way... anyway, she eats A LOT of veggies and when she poops I can see some in it, obviously not ALL the veggies she ate but I can see pieces here and there. My mother-in-law told me that this means they're going right through her and she's not getting any nutrients from it. She said that if she's not chewing it then she's just swallowing them whole and not getting anything from it. But the way I chop them up in the food processor, they don't NEED to be chewed at all. She chews them a little but I think she mostly just swallows it. Do you think this is true??? Surely she must be getting SOME nutrients from them??? I can understand if she were swallowing whole pieces but these are already chopped up so much.


tish212 - June 12

no i don't sometimes when i eat...sorry to be blunt i can see some of my food in there, and i am pretty sure that i chew my food...some things are harder to digest than corn, it is not that easily digested and broccoli isn't either...they are considered foods to "clean" your bowels because they don't digest down so on the way out they grab any extra "stuff" that you haven't NO i dont think your dd isn't getting the right nutrients... i wouldn't worry about it...if it were going RIGHT through her she would pa__s them within 30 minutes of eating which i am sure she doesn't and it would be NO brown, just all undigested food....sorry to be so icky but thats the only way i can answer this... relax.


javidsgirl - June 13

no it isnt true foods that are high in fiber are harder for us to digest so will you see leftovers if you will in the poop nothing to worry about


margie - June 13

i dont think thats true...sometimes i sware my MIL makes things up just to sound like she knows everything about babies, this sounds like one of her nuggets of wisdom...


momtbc - June 13

I really don't think that's true - you don't have to chew something up totally for your stomach acids to do a number on it! You don't get nutrients by chewing, it's when the food goes through your digestive system that your body gets the vitamins, etc. from it. I see lots of things come out in Samantha's diaper - corn, raisins, etc. I do know, however that cooking vegetables removes some nutrients, but these babies are too little to eat every vegetable raw. It's just impossible. As long as when you switch her to milk you start giving her a multivitamin I think she will be fine. Again, talk to your doctor about it at her one year appointment.


frozenfeet - June 16

On the scientific side of this issue, products like corn and peas have an outer casing made of cellulose which cannot be broken down by the digestive system...that's why you can see the bits of it in the poo - as for nutrients, you mostly lose nutrients in how you cook them, not in how you prep and serve them after they are cooked. Steaming them is the way in which you won't lose hardly any of the nutrients and boiling is second best provided you don't over cook them


DeeD - June 16

Your MIL of full of it. They still get the nutrients-it just means that her digestive system is still imature and didn't full digest it. Keep soing what you are doing! You are doing great!!!



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