Do You Use A White Noise Machine

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mcatherine - March 8

We had some construction start up a block from our house that has all the neighborhood dogs going crazy and my son is having a pretty hard time napping. (To last through the fall) Does anyone use a white noise machine or maybe just face a fan towards the wall to block some of the daytime noise? It's a pretty noisy place as it is and he has adjusted quite well, I just don't think he will do so well with jackhammers and bulldozers. I'm just wondering if it is worth the expense... Thanks


Emily - March 8

I use a humidifeir in the winter and a fan pointed away from the bed or crib in the summer in both our dds rooms. It seems to help a bit....


SonyaM - March 8

I just ordered one on amazon and I am HOPING to get it tomorrow. I'll let you know how it works. It was only 20.00.


3babies - March 8

Could you just use a radio not tuned in to a chanel? Just a suggestion?


Allie - March 8

We have a cool mist humidifier in babies room, which creates white noise.


sahmof3 - March 8

I have fans in my younger kids' rooms... faced toward the wall. They are cheap little fans... under $10 LOL, but they do the trick.


lexy - March 8

My baby has colic and I have used a b__w dryer. Set on cool and on grea. Sleeps all night.


mcatherine - March 8

I tried the radio static and it drove me batty in one day (monitor)! I keep hearing the fan towards the wall trick and it seems like fans may last a little longer and cost less than the white noise machine (like we all need something ELSE to buy), but SonyaM - I am interested to know it was worth your 20 bucks so please keep me in mind! If not, I am off to buy a cheap fan before it starts up again Monday. Thank goodness for another blast of winter weather that gives me a few more days!


mcatherine - March 8

lexy - where do you put the b__w dryer?


lexy - March 8

I have it hoked on a hanger..metal one..on the litle black loop on the dryer and hang it on the edge of the dresser. With the metal hangers you can twist it any way you want and then hang it pretty much anywhere you want. You could hang it on the doorknob of your room or bathroom. Works great!!


jenrodel - March 8

DS sleeps in our bedroom right now, and we have a TV in there... I just put it on a channel that doesn't come in (snow) and leave that. Sounds just like white noise... our monitor doesn't pick it up at all which is nice. If he is napping in his chair out of the bedroom I put the stove fan on.


piratesmermaid - March 8

Ooo, the stove fan. That's a good idea!


eclipse - March 8

On the plus side, if he learns to sleep through the construction, he can sleep anytime, anywhere :) I have a fan and a air purifier in my lo's room because the window in there is not very soundproof and our neighbor loves the ba__s at 3 am. Maybe a fan will help him focus on that and allow him to sleep. Maybe a blanket over the window will help muffle sound too-I used that when I worked overnights and they would weedwack underneath my window at 2pm. Worth a shot. Don't spend a fortune on a sound machine-just get a fan.



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