Doc Says To Stop Baby Food At 9 Mos

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J - November 7

I took my son for his 9 month check up and his doctor told me to stop giving him baby food jars and start pureeing whatever we eat to give to him. IThat is crazy to me because we don't eat healthy enough melas to be giving to him. I would have no idea what to give him???? Is this right?


Mommy - November 7

I give my 6 month old stage 2 baby food, and My 17 month old Gerber Little Entrees. I would say to try stage 3 foods. My doctor tried to tell me my toddler should be eating regular table food too. I do give it to him when we are eating kid healthy food, but otherwise little entees are healthy, convienent, and fast to make. You should go with what you want to do. They say mother knows best...:o)


Jamie - November 8

8-) Maybe you could take this opportunity to start eating healthier?


Jbear - November 8

I did that with my first daughter. It seems strange at first, but it is a lot cheaper. You can also cook for the family, and take a portion out for your baby before you add the seasonings. Your baby is still getting some of his nutrition from formula or b___stmilk, too.


julie - November 8

Come on!!!! in the old days woman made all the food their wasnt such baby jars. Its ok when you go out, but i still cant beleive people feed their kids that on a daily basis. HAVE you even tried eating that stuff.....ITS AWFUL...why feed it to your kids?


karine - November 9

i agree with jamie..its an opportunity to eat healthier


L - November 9

There are tons of books (and websites) on what to feed babies through toddlers. It is fine to continue feeding the baby jar food while slowing adding finger foods until you and baby become more familiar with what is age appropriate. I remember when I started my first child on table foods, it is kinda scary, you think they will choke on anything that is not mush! Good luck J.


To Julie - November 9

Because, a majority of people don't eat healthy. I would rather know that my children are eating healthy than feeling good about saying they eat what I eat. The baby food is gross yes, but the Gerber Little Entrees are not that bad. I would feel better knowing how healthy their food is then knowing I made it. And when I do make healthy meals, although not as often as I should have, my oldest does eat with me.


Lisa - November 9

At 9 months they shouldn't be eating pureed food, they can cope well with just mashing the food up. If you look at the ingredients on most of the jars of baby food, you will find that they contain only 50% of what is indicated on the front of the jar...e.g if it says chicken and vegetables, there is probably only 8% chicken (which isn't real chicken anyway) maybe 30% vegetables. The rest is made of up maize starch, thickeners and water. If you are going to give your baby food from a jar, look at the ingredients first...some are better than others. It's very important to start giving a baby more protein and iron at this age. Protein is important in maintaining and building body tissue, iron is necessary for the proper formation of red blood cells. Calcium is just as important as well. Perhaps you could go to your library and see if they have some good recipe books for baby's. I would be happy to share some simple, easy recipes with you that i have found my baby really enjoys, they incorporate most of what he/she needs for their daily requirements.


Jen - November 10

Please share :)


Julie - November 10

I gave my first son baby food until he was around 15 months old. I just moved from the smooth food to the chunky food for texture. I also gave him mashed bananas and stuff like that but once I started giving him real food he lost his appet_te. I say give them baby food for as long as you can.


karine - November 10

To:julie the reason why he lost his appetiye was because he was left on pureed baby jar food for too long, and didnt get to like table food daily. i babysate a little girl ans she too was left on those jars till 15month and plus...and when it was time to give her daily table food...she refused and totally starved isnt healthy! i dint even think those jars are healthy anyways., it contains high in sodium and sugar. if you make it homemade...the baby wont have that much sugar if even! i only baught the fruit jars. but even those..i never realized how sugary it was....i had a bad craving the other day and almost gaged at how sugary it was i look..and it contained 23grams of sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way too much! it takes so little time to make it homemade! and its the best any baby can get! but orf course not everyine has time to make it daily...especially for infants. as they may not be able to eat EVERYTHING we eat...and as alot of people i didnt have time either..what i started doing was...taking one saturday a month...taking a huge pot, and filling it up with all the vege's i could think of then putting chicken or beef in it. id cook it for a couple of hours, then take my mini top chop (better then blender) ad mashing everything (the clumps would be appropriate for age) and i would freeze it in small dish (i used the plastic containers that gerber has now, the ones from the fruits and i would ask around if somone would have some, i got a good 50 of em) and i would freeze it. it would last me over a month. so on those days i made junk food or ordered still had good food to eat. my kids are 2 and 3 and i still make dishes of meat and vegge and freeze it..cause we dont always eat healthy..and the kids do enjoy fast food like pizza and poutine....but they have to eat a dish of veggis and meat before they can have fast food.


Lisa - November 10

This recipe is great for all the family! 500 grams stewing steak, 1 small onion, 2 ripe tomatoes, (canned tomatoes are ok) 1 tablespoon tomato puree, small bacon bone (for flavour), 1 cup water or stock,half teaspoon minced garlic, 2 bay leaves, pinch mixed herbs. 1 large potato, 1 carrot, chopped spinach (frozen is ok), zucchini, you can add any vegetables you have....corn, beans, peas. Fry the onion and steak in a large pot until the meat is cooked through, add tomatoes, herbs, garlic, bay leaves, tomato puree and bacon bone. Cook the meat for approx 30 mins on a low heat. Add the vegies and cook for at least 2 hours,or until the meat starts to break up, you may need to mash the vegies a bit for the bub with a fork, but the meat should be soft enough to break up. Remove the bacon bone and bay leaves once its cooked. If you like, remove what you need for the bub and add some red wine for extra flavour for you and your partner. This recipe is great for winter!! I live in Australia, so you may need to convert some of the measurements i have given. I think 500grams is equal to about .02 ounces.


Jamie - November 11

I just made a dinner last night that I wouldn't have hesitated to feed my daughter, were she a bit older. Go to and search for Tender Tomato Chicken Breasts...was really good, and the chicken was unbelievably soft and tender.



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