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pinkbo0tlace - March 5

Okay so today I went to my 6th week checkup (Okay, a little late since DS was born Nov 30, lol ) and my doctor asked me if I had thought about birth control. I stated that I have done a lot of looking into my options, and I would really like the IUD. She leans back in her chair and goes "Okay...tell me about you and your partner, and what kind of a relationship you have" I just kind of smiled and said "I don't have a partner. I am not with anyone and I haven't been s_xually active in almost a year". She goes "Well then! I won't give you the IUD. I mean, because if you sleep with someone and get an could get really ill....i'd only do it if you were married" --- WHAT?! Has anyone ever heard of this??? She made it seem just because I haven't been in a relationship or been active for a year that means I would have s_x with a man a barley knew, therefore I could contract and STD. *Rolls eyes* I totally understand what she was TRYING to say...but it all came out wrong. lol! Grrrrr.... Do most doctors have this rule?...Or is it her own personal feelings that you shouldn't be a single women with an IUD? Ya know?... I should be able to make choices for myself and that I feel what is best for myself. If I have the right to choose to keep a pregnancy...I should have the right to choose which type of birth control i'm on!!.....


Lchan - March 5

It may have seemed like the doctor was getting a little too personal and then pa__sing personal judgement, but she actually wasn't. :) There are really a lot of pros and cons with IUDs. The cons are great enough that the FDA did not allow IUDs for almost 20 years. For some women they are an excellent source of control, but they aren't the right source for many woman. Your doctor was simply using her professional judgement to weigh your situation against the pros/cons afforded by an IUD. Her recommendation was actually on par for your current situation. I'm sorry that you doctor made you feel this way. Even though her information was good, perhaps she could have led the discussion a bit better so that you didn't have to feel that she was pa__sing judgement on you.


Mellissa - March 5

My dr has the same rule.. although she is a lot more tactful the way she explained it to me. She did ask me if dh and I have a monogamous relationship though, which i thought was funny since we're married... but i know there are couples with "open marriages" and the iud is not right for them. You could get a second opinion from another dr., but i do think pretty much all of them feel more comfortable giving the iud to someone who has a low chance of catching an std... but with that said, it's totally possible for my husband to cheat on me and give me an std even though i believe we're in a monogamous relationship, or i could get raped and catch an infection that way.. i pray that doesn't happen.. but it's a risk anyone takes when they get an iud, i think. so really, who is an ideal candidate, right?



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