Does Anyone Else Feel This Way

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ash2 - July 12

i was wondering for those of you that have other kids if you feel " different" about them. like before my second son came along, he was everything in my life and i love him more than ever. i STILL love him with everything that i have, but lately i have been getting so irratated with him lately. like stuff he would normally do that would not bother me, does bother me now. i feel like im constantly yelling at him. i feel like im showing too much love to the baby and not enough to him..... is anyone else feeling this way ? how do i change my feelings.....


mommie2b - July 12

I have a 4 yr old that has been the only one and hasbeen the center of attention until now with the new baby its like she does things now that she has never done before but its jealously cause the baby is getting more attention but she knows that I love her just the same but she likes to get in his face all the time and it makes him so mad and I get on to her and I wish I could change that cause I know she loves him and I should not get on to her for that but I have been working on that here lately and not saying anything to her and I have been paying attention to her and letting her help me with the baby and that has helped


lindsay - July 12

YES! my 4 year old son has been sooo bad lately, but i seriously feel like all i do is yell... like before my dd came(she'll ne 1 month old at midnight!), i yelled, but i let a lot of c___p slide i think... now, i feel like every little thing he does gets to me? but he has been sooo rotten, i can't even tell you the c___p this kid has been pulling-- he's started lying and trying to be sneaky... is this a phase or what? i sure hope so... i feel this behavior is so out of character for him,, he listens less than before, i mean, completely laughs in my face when i am trying to correct his wrongs or reprimand him... is this "bad" behavior on his part acting out of jealousy??? because he really could not be sweeter w/ my daughter... he helps me, asks to hold her (a__ssisted, of course,)all the time, always asks if she is ok or if she is eating well, he is genuinely concerned w/ her well being! so why doesn't he give a d__n about the consequences of his actions all the sudden??!!! it is making me crazy.. i honestly do not feel that i act any different towards him, it is just that now my time is shared. i actually make a point to make sure he knows i still love him just the same, no, more than ever, and he has never once expressed anything verbally about 'not liking his sister' or 'i love her more' or i' ignore him now'.. what do i do?? i love him with all my heart but he is making it really hard sometimes for me to want to even be around him... that makes me sad because he has been my life for 4 years, and i feel that way because of how he is acting, not even because of our new edition... ahhhh!


ash2 - July 13

well today i was alittle bit different. and i think b/c my feelings were different b/c i didnt spend alot of time like i used to when i was just pregnant. now today i spent a little more time with him than i usually do, and kind of got the chance to " fall in love with him again" i guess all he needed was special attention from me >>>>>



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