Does Anyone Else S 9mos Old Not Have Any Teeth

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Crystal83 - June 4

My lo is 9 mos. old. It seems like she has been teething for, but no teeth yet! My oldest was 7 mos. when she cut her first tooth and my middle dd was 5 mos. So, I'm starting to get a little worried. Does anyone else have a lo that doesn't have any teeth yet and are older than 9 mos. old?


kimberly - June 4

Nothing to worry about. My baby book that my mother kept for me says I got my first tooth at 11 months and I have never ever had a cavity. My dd had a tooth at 5 months but she just now got her second at 9 months. My first got two teeth at 8 months. It is nothing to worry about!


Cathy2 - June 4

Lots of my friends have babies who didn't get their first teeth till 1 year...some even a few months later...I wouldn't worry!


J.J. - June 4

Crystal, my son was about 13 months when this tooth popped, and my daughter is now 7 months w/no teeth. Personally, I LOVE the gummy grin. My son drooled for MONTHS which prompted everyone to announce "oh, he's teething." He drooled profusely thru the summer til his first b-day and tooth appeared. I'll be that my daughter will be the same. As a side note, i never noticed any complications to teething, just increased diaper rash. and lots o' drool.


jendean00 - June 4

No worries, my DD did not get her first tooth unitl 11 months and now she is 12 months and 1 week and she is getting her 6th tooth. I am guessing mine waited until she could cut them all at one time...yeesh!


britt_m - June 4

Haha you've had lots of other examples but my dd cut 4 teeth within a few days like around 10 1/2 months then we went on vacation all of her 11th month and it took her about 1 week to pop in 4 more teeth! Shes 1 year. Now when she smiles you can see them all, so cute, but that gummy grin will definally be missed!!


whynotme - June 4

My daughter is almost 13 months and doesn't have any signs of a tooth coming. Every baby different we all eventually get teeth:)


DeeD - June 5

My friends baby didn't get any teeth until he was 18 months old. All her other got teeth by 6 months or so. My 8 month old still does not have teeth.


Crystal83 - June 5

Thanks for all the replies! I guess I shouldn't worry until she's over a year old. I had a rough night with her last night, she was drooling very badly and has her first bout of diaper rash and also had her first fever during the night. I wonder if it's teething, but with the fever and diarrea I think she might be sick :(


lissica - June 6

I've heard it's better if they get teeth later rather then sooner cause it helps build stronger teeth. When my husband was a baby he got them around a year and he's 37 and never had a cavity.



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