Does Anyone Here Put Their Baby On Their Stomachs To Sleep

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Beccah - December 17

For the past few nights, Bradyn has cried when we put him down, even if he's asleep. I know that this is normal, but he does so much better if he's on his stomach. He will put himself back to sleep if he's on his stomach. We were told not to put him on his stomach unless we were in the room watching him, so he sleeps this way during the day when napping. I have also read once that once babies learn to turnover in their sleep (to their stomachs) then it's ok to leave them that way. Any experiences in this?


amanda.d - December 17

I let my guy sleep on his tummy because it was helping with the extreme spit-up when we didn't know he was lactose intolerant and now he's just used to sleeping that way. Also if it helps with our oldest child we were told to put her on her tummy all the time, with our middle child we were told to put him on his side always and now we are told back only. Well my theory is: put the baby any way the baby will sleep because before you know it the will say put the baby in an elevated position right beside your head so you can have the worst time sleeping because you might not hear the baby breathing. Hope this helps.


Jen P - December 17

The only way I can get my baby to sleep is on his tummy. He always sleeps with me though so I can watch him. If I put him on his back he would never sleep.


Jamie - December 17

I started letting Renity sleep on her tummy when she could lift her head 90 degrees while on her tummy...she liked it for the first week or two, and then she refused to sleep on her tummy; she now sleeps on her side. Just like momma. 8-D hehehe


SonyaM - December 17

Yes, we do put Mason to sleep on his tummy. Usually as a last resort, but we do it. He seems to want to change positions during the night. So we go from his back in his pack in play to his back in our bed to his side and then finally to his tummy. When we do this he will sleep from about 9:00 at night until about 9:00 in the morning. Our first son only slept on his tummy so we bought the angel care monitor to detect breathing movement. It helped put our mind at ease. They are about $100.00 at Babies R Us.


Stevens Mom - December 17

Hi! My son learned to turn over at about 3 1/2 months and since then he has slept on his tummy! I put hin in on his tummy to and as I do that he puts his two fingers in his mouth and he knows its time to sleep! He sleeps great too,7 pm-7am! He is almost 5 months. Goodluck


Stevens Mom - December 17

*6 months


Beccah - December 17

Wow, Steven's mom, that's amazing. I wonder if mine will ever sleep that long! Most of us moms were put to sleep on our tummies and we're still here, right? Looks like I"m going to have to invest in that SIDS monitor after all...


lisa - December 18

just a thought, my friend has one of those breathing sensor monitors that signs an alarm if they `stop for 20 secs, it goes under the mattress then you could leave him comfy without the worry, my mum put us three kids to sleep on tummy but im too scared of cot death, plus jasmin seems fine von frount


Stevens Mom - December 18

Beccah,How ols is your little one? A friend of mine gave me a great book! It's called the Baby Whisperer! If you like reading this is a wonderful book,it helped me a great deal...


Beccah - December 18

Bradyn is almost 13 weeks, but he was born 12 weeks early... kind of throws off his milestones, doesn't it? I'll look into that book the next time I can get to a bookstore, thanks!


Stevens Mom - December 18

Wow 3 months early! That must have been shocking. I was 9 days late by c-section. He will be sleeping through the night before you know it :O)


T. - December 18

My daughter can roll over onto her tummy, but she ends up fussing and I have to turn her back onto her back. She doesn't really like being on her stomach. Probably because it's so chubby! Lol!


Beccah - December 18

It was nice actually. I was able to come to terms of becoming a mother, I was really in denial before that (my life is over, etc), but this whole experience has made me appreciate the beautiful life my hubby and me created. I love him so much! Plus being preggo for only 6 mos wasn't bad either!


Faiths mommy - December 19

Hi everyone, my daughter is almost 5 months now and we put her in her crib on her back and then in a few minutes she will roll over to her tummy, at first I was really scared and I would roll her back over but then she would just roll again so now I have no choice she is a tummy sleeper and there is nothing I can do about it. At first she realized she could roll over and she would get really mad at being on her tummy but now she loves it and she sleeps so much better now.



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