Does Anyone Visit The Post Partum Forum

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luvmyboys - April 30

Or should I just ask my question here? Doesn't seem like very many posts are made there, so just wondering. I asked a question there that I'll just share here too while I'm at it. Just wondering for those of you who aren't br___tfeeding, how long did it take your milk supply to completely dry up? I'm on week 3 and I'm hoping it's not much longer.


mattysmomma - April 30

My son will be 2 months and I still have milk!


krnj - April 30

Hi I used cabbage leaves and they dried up really fast! I know it sounds crazy but it really works! Just stick some cabbage leaves from the fridge in your bra and the cabbage actually cooks!! I did this for about 4 days & they were back to normal! Good luck!


luvmyboys - May 1

I actually did try the cabbage leaves and they helped the engorgement go down but they didn't stop the leaking totally. And I got sick of having salad in my bra :). I still have cabbage left, do they just help the swelling go down or do they actually dry them up? Maybe I should try it again.


krnj - May 1

Well for me it did both. I knew that I wasn't going to b___stfeed so I put them in as soon as I got home from the hospital. You can always try it again & see what happens. My ds is 8 weeks. How old is your lo?


Erin1979 - May 1

I stopped bf'ing 4 months ago, and I still leak. Someone had suggested wearing a tight sports bra, and I find that really helps.


Dana - May 1

I knew I wasn't going to bf, so when I got home from the hospital I put on a sports bra that was a medium (I usually wear a L or XL). Having it so tight and fitted helped alot. I was still wearing the sports bra when I came back to work and then even a few weeks after that. I would say a good 2 months and even now, at 3 months, I still leak if my b___sts are squeezed together. I will tell you that I didn't spend my money on those pads you can buy, I just bought those long light day pads and cut them up. They lasted a lot longer and were a whole lot cheaper than buying the "bf pads".


luvmyboys - May 1

krnj, my LO is 3 weeks old today. I think I am to the point where I don't leak during the day but I still do at night. So maybe that is progress...I hope so!


krnj - May 1

luvmyboys, how long is your lo sleeping at night? My ds is only sleeping maybe 2 hours at a time at night. He's 8 weeks, I thought he would go longer by now. What formula is everyone on? My ds is on similac w/iron and he is pretty ga__sy.


psychology - May 1

Hi. I stopped b___stfeeding at around two months (my daughter). She is now three months and I don't leak at all. WHen I stopped she was eating every 1.5 maybee I did not have enough milk (I was anxious and not sleeping). I use AVance bottles and I find that compared to the other cheap bottles I have, they don't give her gaz at all. KRNJ, It might be the kind of bottles that are the problems. ALso, at first I did not know there was different kinds of nipples for the milk to flow (medium, fast, etc). SHe is on the medium ones now. I use GoodStart Formula and she takes it very well. SHe only sleeps for 5-6 hours (one time) at a time and she is three months.... so I am also hoping for her to go longer, eventually. In the meanwhile, my boyfriend does the nights on weekends, so I get a break. TAKE CARE , Melissa from Canada


luvmyboys - May 2

krnj, my LO sleeps about 6 hours stretches at night. varies from night to night. He has gone 8 hours before but usually 5-6. He's an awesome sleeper. He's on Parent's Choice formula. He isn't ever ga__sy but he does throw up, usually if he doesn't burp well, but sometimes for no reason (that i know of). And he started smiling! Not very often, but it's so cute when he does!



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