Does Fruit Make Your Baby Constipated

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Barbara - October 23

My son is 4 months old,he has had some banana's for the past 2 days and yesterday he did not poop at all! Should I stop feeding him fruit? he's done great with the rice cereal. thanks


Barbara - October 23

How much fruit do you feed your baby?The first day I fed him a whole jar of banana's,is that too much? His Dr. has o.k. him to have rice cereal then fruit and veggies. I'm just not sure how much to give him.


Jenn... - October 23

I go to a weekly mom to mom group and the lactation consultant that runs it says that bananas can cause constipation. She suggested to one mom to give less for a while or to stop the bananas and to offer again in a few weeks. Blake is 4.5 months old I have been giving him rice cereal in the evenings for 2 weeks. Every now and then if I am eating a REALLY ripe banana ( I eat a banana every day) I will mash just a tiny bit and give it to him. I am going to wait anothe month before giving him fruits and veggies regularly.


Kimberley - October 23

Generally fruit will not make a baby constipated, in too big a serve it can have the opposite effect. The only fruit which can cause constipation in babies is bananas. When first feeding bananas, it is best to mush them up with some formula to make them into a runny paste, and only a small amount of banana. Cereal is the best first food, which I used for at least a month before trying anything else.


Barbara - October 23

Thanks for getting back to me! I think I'll wait a few weeks before giving him fruits & veggies.


Narcissus - October 23

Bananas are a constipating fruit for adults as well as children. It is a great fruit to use when trying to control diarreah. Apples will help his system start running again. A full jar of bananas is a bit much to start with. I would limit the bananas until his system acclimates to them. You may try mixing them with some apples after you have established that both foods are safe.



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