Does Pooping Take Forever

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Tanya - October 16

My son is 11 weeks old and starts to "push" at about 4 or 5 am but does not go until around 9 or 10 am...with his pushing comes some crying and plenty of grunting and groaning. The consistency is fine, he isnt constipated but I just keep thinking something doesnt seem right that he has to push for five hours everyday!!! Anyone else???


Karen - October 16

Hi Tanya. My little boy is 7 weeks and he has the seem problem. He pushes and grunts for a long time poo a little and then in half hour to an hour he is pooing again. I taught he was constipated or had dirreaha . Found out the stools were normal. I give him some grip water time to time. It helps bring down the stools and ease the pain, I find that moving his feet in a bicyle form helps. Putting his belly on my shoulder helps as well. Hope he feels better soon.


.. - October 16

my son grunts and turns red like he's pushing but it's when i hear gas in his stomach or when he needs a burp as well. i don't think he's trying to push it out for that long of a time


Tanya - October 17

I just think it is odd because he will do this every morning for about 5 hours. He has his last bottle at about 10pm and then about 6 hours later the pushing starts - there is definitely gas and he does pa__s it while he is doing this pushing thing, but he pretty much doesnt stop until he poops! The doctors say that he may just be a "pushy" baby - I was hoping to hear that someone else has a baby that "pushes" for 4 or 5 hours so that I would stop feeling that it is so odd!


Lissi - October 17

Yes, my 4 week old daughter grunts and groans for hours on end as well, before producing any poo. She's not constipated either.


Tanya - October 18

Has your doc said anything? Mine keep saying it is ok but I just think it is so odd!!


Karen - October 18

My doc said it was quite normal too. He gave me a med cant remember the nameand said to use grip water. Grip water works. Ok he gripping now and daddy is panicing (HA) :) Gotta run !!!


KH - October 18

I have gripe water and it worked for my son. It has sodium bicarbonate, fennel and ginger in it and helps settle the belly. HTH



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