Does She Have PMS

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tish212 - July 12

Ok I know this sounds like a crazy question but please hear me out. I keep a journal of my daughter's really bad days, the days where the only thing that make her happy is to be carried by me, and ONLY by me. well i realized last night looking through it that her bad days match my period. The first day of my period each month is her bad day. Personally i am not in a bad mood that day or anything... so i dont think her mood is caused by mine. But the thing is, is she gets REALLY clingy to me and cant be put down for anything.... she doesnt really want to nap unless i am holding her.... and she wont let anyone else hold her. It is a very exhausting day, but it also breaks my heart to see her so upset.... so i give in and carry her all day... (needless to say nothing gets done on my housework list for that day) but I want to know if any other mothers have noticed this??? I will ask her Dr about it but her next appt isn't until September....thanks ladies!!


mjvdec01 - July 12

That is so interesting. Our first was a girl, but she in now 2 and a half and I don't know if it was like that with her or not. I am having another baby on thursday, but this one is a boy. I'm going to try and remember to keep track and see if there is any corollation even so.


jodie - July 13

What a interesting thought! I was on my period lastweek and funny enough my daughter was extremely fussy for a few of the days....I am going to start keeping track may be on to something!


margie - July 14

ok, tish...that is pretty wierd! i just started my period this weekend and also wasn't feeling particularly pms-ey, in fact i didn't know i was going to start because i haven't been good at keeping track the past couple of months, and my dd was pretty good during the day except for getting mad every single time i'd try to feed her...but oh lord, at night she was super fussy, i would try to put her to sleep and sing to her and feed her like i normally do after bathtime and she was scratching my face and pushing away and screaming at me, and usually this is our quiet time and she's very content and relaxed, she refused to eat most the day also. She just was a little bit off, i couldn't quite explain it, she is usually such a sweet girl for me at night...i am going to keep track of this too! you may be on to something here....


Crystal83 - July 14

Being female is pretty special. I have 3 daughters and I find that they too get a litlle fussy around the start of my cycle, but I get pretty fussy too so that could be why, lol!


sarah21 - July 15

Well you know they say that female hormones synchronize when women are together for long periods of time so I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility that your hormones are affecting your daughter's. Kind of makes sense actually. I am b___stfeeding and haven't had a period since 6 weeks ppm so I haven't had a chance to see for myself. Interesting thought...


E586467 - July 16

Are you b___stfeeding? When my period returned ds was 7.5mths & he was soooooooooo fussy in the days leading up to my period & the week I had it. My doctor said that some babies don't like the taste of the milk when your hormones change, & as they don't understand what going on, become fussy as a result. I only had 2 pp periods then I found out I was preg with #3, but both times he was fussy & then when I was due for my 3rd pp period he cut back his feeds & became VERY clingy which made me wonder if I was indeed pregnant again. It's funny how babies know when things are different with us.


Buffi R. - July 16

I agree with what everyone said here, that it could be from hormones getting in sync, milk taste changing, etc. I also have personal experience with moodiness and oddities in children (and my friends agree) when it comes to weather changes like when a storm front is coming in. I wouldn't put it past children to be affected by lunar changes as well, and if your periods are regular enough to happen every 28 days, and if by chance they it a certain phase of the moon, that could even be part of it. Very good observation with your journal!!


tish212 - July 16

Thank you ladies soo much!!! I just wondered if anyone else had the same issues.... she is b___stfed, though not like she used to be, she is moving more towards wanting solids, it always seems the first day of my period is the worst day for her, she is FINE if i am holding her, but if i am not then she is in a horrible mood, poor thing...though now we are moving to day 6 of cling to mommys side lol.... ah well guess i have just gained an additional 15lbs to my left hip for a while lol.... thanks again ladies, and please if you can try to see if your LO;s moods line up with your cycle as well, thanks



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