Does This Make Me A Horrible Mom

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Jamie - December 2

All through my pregnancy, I had hoped my daughter would get my husband's bright blue eyes. When she was born, her eyes were a slate grey, but I kept hoping. But, the laast few days, it's been impossible to deny that she has my brown eyes. I think she's beautiful, but I'm still a little disappointed that she doesn't have blue eyes. Am I horrible?


ally - December 2

Had to answer u b4 i went to bed, no u aren't. My daughters eyes are big really, she has her dads long eye lashes and they are still blue, she is 6 months, if they were to change colour tommorow i would cry. To me they are amazing so am i a bad mum too? You are just human cause if ya partner has the best eyes and blue eyes are lovely of course u would want that for ur daughter.... I am sure her eyes are still very beautiful. It is funny how it works, neither me or her dad have blue eyes, mine r green, he is olive, he called himself black and she is whiter than me haha. U r completely normal to feel the way u do. I hope its not my turn later saying they changed colour and i am dissapointed about it , goodnite,


Lissi - December 2

No, you're not horrible. Personally though, I prefer brown eyes. I think they're warmer and friendlier than blue. I'm dying to know what color my daughter will have. They're grey at the moment, but I have green eyes and my husband's are brown. I think she'd look great with brown eyes.


Jamie - December 2 is kinda cool seeing *my* eyes looking out of someone else's don't think I'll ever tell her that I had hoped she'd have blue eyes.


April - December 2

Don't feel horrible because you're not. My daughter has grey eyes that change to match what she wears and light brown hair. My son 4 1/2 months has very blue eyes that I have my fingers crossed will stay this way! I hope both of their hair (his is light brown as well, what little of it there is) goes dark brown/black because I love the way blue eyes and dark hair look together. But I will take and love them no matter what package they come in.


CEM - December 2

You're not horrible at all. When my first was born, he also had slate grey eyes for the first week or so. They looked like they were going to turn blue (like my husband's) and I was so happy! They turned blue and then looked like they were going to turn brown (like mine). I was also disappointed! It turns out they did end up mostly blue with a splash of brown in one of them, so it was really nice. Not that I don't like brown eyes, but I loved my husband's eyes and thought it was so nice he looked like his daddy. You love your husband, so of course it's nice when your baby has something that's so obviously his.


Bonnie - December 2

No you are not horrible :) You are normal......P.S. All caucasion babies are born with blue/grey eyes. Brown is a dominent color so when one parent has brown eyes it is very common for them to turn.


HEATHER - December 2

I have brown eyes, my hubby-blue, our daughter has the most brightest blue eyes ive ever seen. She is 3 months- my hubby has blond hair me-brown, and she has a dark brown fuzz, I'll be happy if it stays like this but i've been told eyes could be up to 1 year to change and hair color even longer. I was born with blond and stayed that way up till about 5 yrs old I see pics with hair getting darker and by 10 it was dark brown.


Brittany - December 2

All babies are born with dark blue or grey eyes. It takes time for their eyes (and the color) to start developing, didn't you know they can't see far when they're born? At about 6 months was when I could fully tell that my sons eyes were green.


Shannon - December 2

nah, ur not horrible. i have brown eyes and my dh has gray-blue eyes. right now our baby girl has dark blueish eyes, but i just KNOW they're going to turn brown. she looks so much like me when i was a baby and practically nothing like him. but i hope they'll be blue, that would be so pretty on her, big blue eyes.


Steven's Mom - December 2

My husband has very blue eyes. Mine are green if I'm in a good mood, brown if I'm feeling down. When I was pregnant I wanted my son to have blue eyes. He is 5 month's 1 week and still they are bright blue like his Dad. Jamie your not horrible at all! My nephew has a daughter that is 3 and she has blonde hair and blue eyes like her Dad. She has a 4 month old and she has dark hair and very brown eyes like her Mom. And when the baby was born her eyes were brown and my nephew kept saying they were blue. Just recently he has excepted that she doesn't have his eyes. He is very disappointed.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 2

I have been hoping that Lucas's eyes will be brown like his daddy's. I know he is still young but he still has light blue-grey eyes. I have green when I'm in an evil mood, and blue-grey when I am calm. He looks just like me, so I'm not sure which way he'll go. Either way he is okay by me!


Beth - December 2

My bf has the most amazing blue eyes, their just peircing, I love them so much, his whole family has them, I'm so jealous, I love my eyes, but their hazel and I've always wanted blue eyes, so even before I got pregnant I told my bf that I hope our babies have his eyes, I'm 32 weeks pregnant and still hoping!!! Although I'm a biology major and I know that brown eyes are a more dominant trait then blue eyes, so it's more then possible that our baby will get stuck with my dull color....but heck, it never hurt anybody to keep on hoping!!


Bonnie - December 2

Yeah as I said, caucasion babies are born with blue/grey eyes and it can take up to a year to change color as the pigments haven't fully developed yet. Brown is the mroe dominent color so if one parent has brown eyes, the child will most likely have brown eyes (though not always, occasionally they will stay blue). African/American, Indian, and Hispanic babies will be born with brown eyes.


belle - December 2

My Mom has brown eyes and my Dad has green eyes. I have green eyes (my brother has brown). Is it pretty unlikely that my kids will have green eyes? My DH's eyes are brown. I am sooooo curious if my red hair will be pa__sed down, my DH has dark brown hair but his beard grows in totally red.


Jamie - December 2

I dunno - my mom has blue eyes, my dad's are dark brown; my brothers' are green, grey, and hazel, and mine are hazel. My husband's are blue, as are both his mom and dad's, and our daughter's are brown.


FF - December 2

No you aren't horrible! Silly mommies, we really worry about everything, don't we?! ;) My husband is dead set on our son looking like him, and then if we ever have a daughter he wants her to look just like me. It looks like our boy might get my brown eyes instead of Daddy's blue ones, though! We'll see!



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