Does Your Baby Hate Tummy Time

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Kel - June 5

My 10 week old dd doesn't seem to enjoy tummy time too much. She'll hang out on her belly for a little while and after about 5 minutes, she'll either start crying or put her head down to fall asleep (its so cute though). Anyone else's baby like this too? I even got her one of those tiny boppy pillows that have toys hanging off of them for tummy time and she still will only hang out for about 5 minutes.


Bonnie - June 5

Mason hates it too. I put him down here and there for a few seconds then just pick him up when he hollers. :)


Rabbits07 - June 5

I'm little guy LOVES tummy time!


Ginny - June 5

My baby didn't enjoy it until her muscles got a little stronger. I would even get in the floor with her and try to be entertaining, but she got really frustrated after about 2-3 minutes. Once she learned to roll over, though, she loved it. She's now 17 weeks, and thinks it's a blast.


YC - June 5

Kai hated it. My ped. recommended a couple of things that works. 1) roll a towel or blanket up and place it under their chest (underarms) 2) prop them up on a pillow (works great if you have a boppy 3) get a mirror. I bought one made by Sa__sy in the baby toy isle at target. It's like 12 bucks and it props up on the floor and can be hung on the side of the crib. We did a few minutes each day and it eventually got longer and longer. She is now 6 months and scootin' and rolling all over the place. We spend most of the day down on the floor playing now and she loves it.


Annette - June 5

My son hated it until he could support himself on his elbows and still doesn´t make his top10. Last week at his 15 week checkup the ped put him on his belly and he literally barked at her; he was so cute, though...


hrsmith - June 5

I have been trying tummy time with my 7month old since he was a couple months old and he still hates it. I just let him lie there until he starts to get pretty cranky. Sometimes I lay him across my lap, he seems to like that a little better.


mama3 - June 5

My little girl can't stand it either. Only my oldest loved tummy time. I do just like you all. Put her on her tummy till she starts to fuss then pick her up. She do it when she's ready I guess, lol.


ambertane - June 5

yea mine hates tummy time to thats why i barely do it, she can lift up her head just fine, she trys to scoot on her tummy to



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