Does Your Baby Still Spit Up Formula Babyfood 5 Mos

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Bree - June 13

My son still spits up. It's gotten a little better, but he will even spit up his baby food at times. Is this normal? I'm so sick of the mess and feel bad for the fella. Thanks.


AmandaManns - June 13

My son will be 6 months on the 20th, as I think yours will be too if I remember correctly. He will still spit up from time to time, it is not every feeding and some days it is more than others, but he does do it at least once or twice a day. He will spit up his baby food also and that is the worst lol.


Bonnie - June 13

It can actually worsen around the 4-5 month marks. Most outgrow it by one year. :)


Nerdy Girl - June 13

My 6 month old still spits up quite a lot. One of his nicknames is Puke Bucket. Horrible, I know......


Bonnie - June 13

Maosn's got reflux. Since he started solids he has become a major every 10 minutes, lol. I now color coordinate my shirts to what he is eating. Today is green shirt/peas day! :D


nic nac - June 13

my dd is 5.5 months and she still spits up.


angie m - June 13

My son is 17 months and he will still spit up if he drinks to fast. He will get a big gas bubble and when he burps I have a mess to clean up. At 5 months my kid's all still spit up but it never seemed to bother them. Even know my little one doesn't seem upset when he spits up, he doesn't even notice untill I go to clean him up and he doesn't want to sit still.


austinsmom - June 13

lol bonnie thats pretty funny color coordinating clothes with what your feeding baby......yep mine still spits up and I am pretty resigned to cleaning up messes.....I wonder when they are supposed to quit the spitting up??


YC - June 13

HI Bree! Kai still spits up but it has gotten so much better. A little after each bottle. I never noticed any baby food until the other day. The spit up was a little brown but she had prunes. I think that they will still spit up for a little while.


Bree - June 13

Hey "YC" I'm so ready for Sam to outgrow it! Yuk! Don't you guys get sick of it?! I wouldn't know how to act if I didn't have to get puke out of my hair or off me somewhere. Oh and I just love it when I hear something splatter and look down and it's sprayed on the floor. uggggggggg


YC - June 13

I dont mind it to much. think I am used to it. With Kai's reflux it's just a constant thing LOL!!! The best is when I walk into work and someone points out that I have spit up on my shoulder LOL!!!!


hrsmith - June 13

my son is almost 8 moths and has been spitting up since the day he was born. some say it's a mild reflux problem. I am used to it now, and he never seems to have a stomache ache so I am sure it will eventually stop. good luck, but i do know how you are feeling!


Aussie Beck - June 14

Yep! my 5.5 month old dd spits up a lot too! Both formula & baby food. The worst days are when I give her pumpkin or sweet potato! UGGH! Orange stains everywhere. I have what I like to call her 'nice' bibs and her 'ugly' bibs - the nice ones are for going out in and the ugly stained ones are for feeding at home and she pretty much has to wear one all day cause ya never know when she's gonna spit up all over herself!!! LOL



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