Does Your Child Do This

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torbman - February 10

My son from time to time, shakes his head like he is saying "no". Does your child do this? Dh is convinced there is something wrong with him. He is very alert and aware, however not old enough to be saying no. He is 8 months old and was 6 weeks early. Hubby has got me worried now that there might be something. When I follow ds in what he is doing, he seems to watch and mimic what I did, but he just does it for no reason. Do you think its just something new to him that he is trying out? Or do you think that there is something wrong. What do you think?


Ca__sJ - February 10

My son does this when he is in his highchair and I am trying to feed him. He looks up and shakes his head back and forth. It is really weird looking. I was kind of worried about it too. My ds is 7 months old.


Lisastar9 - February 10

totally normal for a child,also some kids bang their heads on the wall,floor . Not to worry this too shall pa__s.


Mingill - February 11

My DS, who is just over 5 months does it. He's normally a very happy, alert little boy. But he's teething right now, so we a__sume it has to do with him trying to deal with his teething pains.


Rabbits07 - February 11

Mason went through doing that. Especially when he was in his swing...I don't know why. I've heard of alot of babies doing that. I don' think I'd worry too much about it unless it gets to where he is doing it all the time or can't seem to control it.


torbman - February 11

Thanks for the rea__surance ladies. Its so hard to know with little things like that.


ash2 - February 11

My DS does this and we have him on video ! Its adorable !


aurorabunny - February 11

Good question...been thinking about asking myself. My 7 month old started doing it a week or so ago. Of course my MIL insisted it was because he was getting an ear infection, but he laughs and thinks he is being funny when he's doing it, so I don't think he's in any pain. Glad to hear it seems normal.


Alison - February 11

Maybe they enjoy the sensation of shaking their head from side to side? You know like when a little child stands and reaches their arms out and spins round and round? It's maybe just fun to do? I'm sure it is normal and your DS is just fine :-)


k.p.j.e. - February 11

lol my son does that! He does it with a huge smile on his face too! If we do it to each other, to say "no" for real, he does it too, but extra hard, sometimes he makes himself fall down lol. That just makes him laugh harder. Who knows why they do the things they son also does a "maniac" dance where he tenses up and stomps really hard and gets faster and faster until he either topples over or can't continue because he's laughing and got the hiccups


eclipse - February 11

He does that sometimes when he is waking up, like he is trying to vigorously scratch the whole back of his head!!! Very entertaining, and nothing to worry about (of course I asked my ped-paranoid 1st time mom and all)


torbman - February 11

I am glad too that it seems more normal then I thought.


chocochips - February 12

I do agree with all... its quite common with children...they do just for fun....


Smilefull - February 12

they like the dizzy feeling it gives them---(;



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