Does Your Dc Hit At 14 Mo

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DANI - March 9

My ds who is 14 mo. old hit a little boy on the head (not extremely hard, but more of like an aggresive pat on the head) and I explained to ds that it's not nice and it's a no -no to do that. But asked the mother of the ds and she said that her ds who is right around the same age as my son hasn't ever hit anyone before. It kinda made me feel bad as a mom and made me think if this is normal behavior for a dc who is this age? I believe it is but wanted to get your ladies opionions on what you think and what I should do about this? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel with the hiting. I don't want to make my ds sound like all he does is hit b/c he doesn't but on occasion he will. thanks


DANI - March 9



Sophia - March 9

11-16 month olds can be "hitters". After all, toddlers are still toddlers. Regardless of how much they like a playmate, they may still grab his toys, throw tantrums, refuse to share, and get bossy. But experts say that this is a normal and necessary part of friendship for kids this age. Through play experiences, toddlers learn social rules. That's why it's so important to set limits and offer frequent reminders of what they are. Explain the reasons behind them. ("Hitting hurts. If you want a toy, ask for it nicely.") Begin by helping your child learn compa__sion ("Ben is crying. What's making him so sad? Maybe he wants the ball and you have it now"), then suggest how he could resolve the problem ("Maybe he would feel better if you give him a turn"). When your child shares or shows empathy toward a friend, praise him. ("Ben stopped crying! You made him feel better.") Another way to encourage healthy social interaction is by encouraging kids to use words -- not fists -- to express how they feel. It's also important to be mindful of how your child's personality affects playtime. Kids are cranky when they're sleepy or hungry, so schedule playtime when they're refreshed.


jennyr - March 9

Oh Yeah! My 14 month old dd hits and I will tell her no and she laughs about it. She will also bit if you try to stop her from doing something. I tap her mouth if she bits and if she hits and I tell her no and she does it again I put her in her crib for a minute. She will then come out and hug me like she is saying I am sorry or thank goodness you took me out of there. I don't really know if there is anything you can do about it at this age just tell them no and be stern about it. I am going to the dr at the end of the month for her 15 month checkup and I am going to ask about punishments. How to punish a 15 month old and hopefully she will have some advice for me. I will let you know if she does.


DANI - March 10

Sophia, thanks for your advice and the whole nap thing makes sense too. he could've been tired and hit the boy b/c of that. jennyr, thanks too for your help. and when you talk with your dr please let me know what he says. i go in to talk with our ped towards the end of the month and i will ask him too what he thinks.



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