Does Your Lo Eat Vegetables

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ry - February 19

I cannot get my 10.5 month old to eat hardly any...


KLC - February 19

Hi ry. Aaron isn't crazy about them but I have learned how to trick him into eating them!!! I give him a few bites of his fruit which he loves and then QUICK - sneak in a spoonful of veggies and keep doing that. It's funny because he'll be sitting there happily slopping down the fruit and then when he gets the mouthful of veggies he screams. It's too cute - I have to get it on video.


Shea - February 19

I am fighting this now, ds is 13mos. When he was on baby food, he ate them ok, but now he doesn't want anything to do w/ veggies or meat. Strangely he will eat brussel spouts pretty well, but I can't have those every night. He pretty much only eats pasta, cheese & yogurt well, everything else has become a struggle.


Patti - February 19

As gross as it sounds, try mixing the veggies with cereal. My babies would tolerate peas only if I mixed them w/ cereal. I started w/ a tiny amount and then gradually I added more and then they eventually ate the peas alone. At 13 mos it's a little harder. They tend to go through stages of only eating certain foods. Their tastes and eating habits will change (at least with mine) all the time.


jb - February 19

My dd (just turned a year) LOVES veggies. Peas are her favorite, followed closely by green beans. She will actually eat all her veggies before she eats the rest of her meal. She is a weirdo!!!


LisaB - February 19

Mix veggies in with other foods. My ds loves veggies so its not an issue for us but I still put spinach under the cheese on pizza to sneak it in or carrot puree in pasta sauce which is yummy and healthy and ds doesn't know hes getting. Be sneaky.


Nita_ - February 19

i've been pretty sneaky when it comes to getting my dd to eat veggies/fruits too! She's almost 8 months old so I'm trying all new veggies/fruits for the 1st time. I sneak them in(mix them up!) with one's she already likes! Like pears with cereal. Peas with carrots/sweet potatoes etc. **KLC** I like your idea! I might try sneaking in a spoon or two in between although, i'm sure my lo can figure that out pretty soon!! I also try distraction i.e., give her a box/paper or something to play with and then feed her spoonfuls of veggies/fruits!! It's been working almost every time, but some days she just won't take ANY distraction! Sigh!! My dd is smarter than I think! LOL!


SonyaM - February 19

My 16 month is giving us problems about fruits and veggies. He'll eat them pureed but not whole. I can get him to eat a few green beans whole, brocoli and carrots but that its. NO fruit at all. Not sure what we are gonna do. Now my oldest (4.5) LOVES veggies. He would prefer that over french fries. WEIRD kid. He will also eat apples and grapes but that's it.


ash2 - February 19

My oldest does not eat them, so i will fix him things like spagetti and mac-n-cheese and take a blender and blend things like carrotts, peas, greenbeans, lima beans, etc in with the sauce and he never knows what he is eating. And he is getting his vegetables at the same time : )


melissa g. - February 19

No! dd is 12 months and has hated all veggies since starting solids! BUT, I am soooo excited b/c the other day I mixed in a spoonful of sour cream into a jar of sweet peas and she ate it!


MyMol - February 19

My daughter used to LOVE veggies until a month ago. She used to eat peas like they were made of chocolate or something and would always eat the veggies before anything else. Now she's 17 months and suddenly decided that peas make her gag! I have to disguise broccoli and the only things she'll willingly eat are carrots and cuc_mber. I don't know what to do, and I'm worried she's not getting enough nutrients.



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