Doesn T Like Being On Tummy

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CassieSong - January 19

My little Aria is just about 6 weeks. I try to give her some tummy time every day, but she does not like it one bit! She fights it every time. Anyone else have this problem?


Kelly K - January 19

Oh yeah! You are definitely not the only one. My little girl is 9 weeks old and she absolutely HATES being on her stomach. She'll scream and throw a fit until you roll her back over. I've been trying since 5 weeks to get her to like it and she still doesn't. I finally gave up and just let her be. She's already learning to hold her head up on her own without the tummy time.


Barb - January 19

are you putting her on the floor? or are you holding her? I use to hold Trinity on my chest while we layed helped with gas and I think "tummy-time" too bc now she's ok with it...for a little while...alot of babies don't like it, it's never know, by next week little Aria might like it , they change so much = ) ...just keep trying, it's good for their muscles in the neck and arms and for the shape of their heads.


lauren - January 19

My dd is five weeks old and hates being on her tummy as well!! i still do tummy time each day, but i move her once she gets frustrated. I've also tried using my nursing pillow to make her more upright she seem to like that a little more.


Barb - January 19

BTW...Trinity is 3mo. now and my friend has an almost 4mo.old who still doesn't like just never know....


KrisD - January 19

My guy has just started rolling over (20 weeks - perhaps a little late b/c he hates being on his tummy). He'll be giggling away, squirming, trying to roll over and then BOOM - he flips onto his stomach and starts wailing!! I flip him back onto his back and he starts laughing again. We could do that all day long!


Heidi - January 19

Emma tolerates it for about two minutes, then starts crying. Ha ha!


Meredith - January 19

Alexia likes it, I can sit her beside me and she is content just looking around and moving her head different directions.


Christy - January 19

My kiddo doesn't like it eaither, but I am on a mission to do tummy time at least 10 minutes a day. I figure he'll eventually like and/or get used to it. He's 10.5 weeks old.


Sophie's Grandma - January 19 my daughter Lauren said her little one's not thrilled with the tt either. If you get them at the right time it can work...for a few mins. Babies love to go bare bum! Keep a diaper under her when she's all ready in a good mood. Gently flex the arms and legs a little and slowly roll her over. Worth a try every day


FF - January 19

My son didn't like tummy time until he was close to 5 months old. Now he'll be 6 months in a few days and can play on his tummy for about 20 minutes if he's in a good mood.


Christy - January 19

So how did they get babies to sleep on their tummies back in the day?


Eryn @ MN - January 19

Ellie hates it too. She's 4 1/2 months. One thing that helps is putting her on a bed verses the floor. She can at least tolerate it for about 5 minutes that way. I asked my doctor about it because I was worried she won't learn to roll over or would get flat head. He said not to worry. If she gets frustrated just try later and she might have to wait till she is older to enjoy it. (She has just started rolling over)



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