Don T Know What We Are Doing Wrong

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alverran - January 22

Hello fellow moms. I have a 5.5 month old dd and for the past two weeks she has been waking up about every two hours at night time. Not to mention, she is extremely fussy after being out and about for 1.5 hours... Could it be teeth? Over stimulation? I have tried solids with her and this is not going so well. She has had solids for about 5 days now and it is not tying her over through the night. Since then, she has been bf. Any helpful hints on what could be going on with her would be greatly appreciated... Thank you.


Angiconda - January 22

Have you tried maybe giving her cereal before bed? It works for some people but not for everyone. She diffinetly could be getting over stimulated if she is not use to be out and about. I know ds sometimes gets cranky when there a lot of people around.


alverran - January 22

This is when we do give her cereal. Normally around 1.5 hours before bed. I am not sure what is up with her, I love her dearly, but feel so bad not knowing how to calm her. She just does not want to go to sleep or keeps waking up.


ChristinaBonBon - January 22

Strange! How much sleep is she getting during the day? I am a__suming not more than the recommended 3 hours. Does she wake up upset, geniunely hungry or just playful. My girl is about the same age and this hasnt happened to me yet, so not sure I can offer help. Was she sleeping through the night pervious to this?


Rabbits07 - January 22

Is she trying to meet any developmental milestones....rolling over or sitting up??? Sometimes when they are hitting a milestone it can disrupt their sleep patterns until they master it. I read about this in a parenting magazine....I guess it is the equivalent of adults having trouble sleeping worrying about the bills, If you think that being overly stimulated is a possibility then just try to keep things calm the last couple of hours or so before her bedtime. No t.v., loud music or other noise, no bright lights and no loud toys, etc. A bedtime routine is good, too if you don't have one yet. As far as the solids...I have heard people say that they help them sleep through the night, but I think it just depends on the baby. All my other kids started sleeping through the night at 3 months and they had not yet started solids. Mason is now 9 months and has only recently started sleeping through the night the majority of the time (he still wakes once or twice a night about 2x a week).....he's been on solids since 5.5 months and it made no difference in his sleep.


alverran - January 22

Autumn gets no more than three hours during the day with naps. She seems to be really hungry at night time and is eager to bf during that time. I don't know. I have just recently started the solids.. Maybe hold off until she is the full 6 months old? She has had about 5 days of it total and you are right Rabbits07 it does not make a difference. You do have me wondering though. She did start to flip recently and tonight while on her belly, she was scooting back vs. forward trying to reach a toy. We have a night time routine and she goes down quite easily however, she stays asleep for only 4 hours and is up again to eat. Thank you for your inputs.



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