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Felisha - February 14

hey ladies. i again wanted to thank you all for your help and support. we had a house fire on monday and can no longer live in our apartment. which is why i have not been on in a few days. we are packing up and moving to colorado with mil (god help me) dh has a good paying job up there and i will take care of our nephew for his sister during the day to make a few extra bucks and save her some money too. everybody is ok we were not home during the fire and the cats made it ok too. mostly just smoke damage. we live in a house that was turned into an apartment building and the basment caught on fire. we are on the first floor and the fire dept was able to put it out before any real damage was done. i will continue chatting and let ya'll know how things are going when we get setteled in colorado. have a happy valentines day


Rabbits07 - February 14

Oh goodness, I'm so sorry that happened, but glad that everyone's okay. Looking forward to hearing from you. Have a safe move!


marie - February 14

I hope everything is okay. I'm not sure how old you child is but I have some used clothes that my son is not using anymore that I can give you (only if you want). They range from size 0-6 months. Let me know if I can help in any way my email address is


Felisha - February 14

thanks fo rthe offer but i can wash the smoke smell out and the insurance company brought us tons of clothes for us and ava she is 9wks


Mellissa - February 14

Felisha.. I'm so sorry to hear about the fire!! thank goodness ya'll were not home!! i'm terrified of my house catching on fire. what part of colorado are you moving you? I live right outside of Colorado Springs. It's really nice here, much prettier than texas! have a safe move!!


mandee25 - February 14

Oh that must have been crazy scary. Thank God you all made it out safe and sound and the fur babies (cats) too. Good luck Felisha!


piratesmermaid - February 14

I'm so glad ya'll are okay!! (And the cats, too.) It's good your insurance is helping you out. We live in WY, about 3 hours north of Colorado Springs. Be careful traveling in the snow, but it is a nice place. Keep us updated! :)


sahmof3 - February 14

Scary! I'm glad you are ok. Good luck with your move! Where in CO. are you moving to? I have a brother near Vail.


rl- - February 14

glad you are ok and nobody was hurt..hope all goes well with your move good luck!!


EMBERBABY - February 14

hey Felisha glad to hear everyone is ok, please take care and keep us posted.


MM - February 14

I'm sorry to hear (read) what happened... but glad no one was hurt! Hope everything works out in Colorado.



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