Dont Read If You Dislike Sad Stories

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Hana - February 8 Oh my God im furious! I just read this piece of news and im sooooo p___sed off. This poor girl was visited by social services 20 times and the social worker did not clock on to the fact she being horribly abused. I worked with social services quite closely and referred many of my clients and they would do nothing even when they knew the children were being beaten. A kid would need to be on the brink of death for any action to be taken other than a routine visit!!


USMC_wife - February 8

That is horrible!! One of my sisters has Spina Bifida, so I am really sensitive when it comes to issues concerning disabilities. I hope they get the same abuse while they are behind bars. Poor little girl.


aurorabunny - February 8

Hana it's AWFUL. I've often questioned the state of social services in our country. In my old neighborhood, a 3 year old boy used to walk down to our house at all hours of the day and night, begging for a drink of water or some food. He would knock on our door at 1 or 2 AM saying his parents had locked him out of the house. We saw the parents outside one day (they looked like crackheads) and we asked them about all this and they told us to mind our own ********* business. The little boy had big bruises sometimes as well. It was just so sad....we called social services about 4 times and when they finally came out, they told us that everthing over there looked fine and that if we a problem with our neighbors that we should find another way of getting revenge against them!! We couldn't believe's very sad. We moved away and never did find out what happened. =(


KLC - February 8

I hope those sickos rot in hell. How does the grandmother not notice the physical scars or the fact that she was in so much pain that she needed to be anathestized (sp?) to be examined? People close their eyes to things they don't want to see I guess. I'll never understand how someone can do something like this to a defenseless child.


srigles - February 8

That's disgusting. I'll never understand how people could treat a child like that. It really makes me feel like throwing up. That poor little girl.


ash2 - February 8

aurobunny, what you should have done is taken the child to the police department and said " sir this child just wondered onto our front porch and we have no idea where he came from....' ...then they would get their child taken away from them.


luviduvi - February 8

how horrible.......I hope everyone gives their babies an extra hug and kiss for all the little ones out there that aren't getting all.


EMBERBABY - February 8

I often wonder what is wrong with people that abuse others? Wether its their partner, child, or even animals. It is so sick and demented. It is especially horrible when its a child, and that child looks to you for love and protection. That poor girl.


Hana - February 8

Aurorabunny thats soooo sad, I just cant understand people like this...oh and what gets me even more pi**ed off about this news story is that each parent only got 10 year Why aren;t they in there forever?? I remember this guy who raped a 5 month old girl and his gf vidoed it only got something like 3 years!!!AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!


Lala - February 8

5 month old??????!!!!!!!! Cut his p___s off!! and do the same to his girlfriend!! That's too discusting to even think of!!!!! What is wrong with people?


aurorabunny - February 8

Ash I should have. Course knowing our town that is probably a regular occurance...sheesh. I just don't get it either. We are having a HUGE issue here going on in Kansas City about a woman crack user who was arrested last week and informed the police officer that she was 2 months pregnant and she felt like she was having a miscarriage. They thought she was lying and took her into the station, well turned out she WAS having a miscarriage. But they were arresting her on crack posession AND child neglect and abuse warrants for other children!! And now she's suing the police department for "making her have a miscarriage!" F-ed up world sometimes, isn't it??



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