Doodlebops Suck

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Narcissus - June 28

they drive me nuts! i can't stand them and I wonder if anyone else is annoyed by them enough to actually post in my thread? which doodlbop do you want to knock out the most? for me, it's a toss up btw deedee doodle and roonie doodle.


nic nac - June 28

what is a doodlebop?


Narcissus - June 28

it's an annoying disney show for kids.


SonyaM - June 28

I'm with your girl. They scare me!!!! I don't even know which one I don't like the most because I have never watched it long enough to know. The other show that is really really weird is Oobie on Noggin. We have outlawed that show at our house. They dont' speak in complete sentences. We are convinced this show was created by speech therapist for job security!!!


HannahBaby - June 28

I dont like the show but my daughter does. I kinda like some of the songs though.....but the doodlebops themselves are annoying


babyO - June 28

OMG I am so lost...not at the cartoon point yet...sounds like a different language to me. The only ones i know about are Dora ( of course) and there is one on PBS about magical dinosaurs when a sister and bro....some of it is in spanish....sigh wish these were around when i was a little girl!


Chelsey - June 28

Doodlebop's suck a__s. I don't know the guy's name.. but the one in the blue is a weirdo. babyO, I think that cartoon is called Dragon Tales... my daughter loves it.


snugglybugglys - June 28

I HATE the Doodlebops! It's my kids' favorite show!!!!!!!!! I have to agree...for me it's between deedee, and roonie...well they all suck actually. The whole "don't pull the rope" is just soo stupid! "Where's Moe!" UGGGGG! EWE!


Narcissus - June 28

Chels! Where you been? I think you are hating roonie doodle. The feminine dude, right? He's such a little showgirl. Where's Moe drives me nuts and especially the way that tweezer deedee says it! She is one of those girls that had to be in every school play and always have the lead, I just know it. I hated those girls. Wouldn't it be fun to watch the doodlebops have their a__ses kicked? Ooby is also a freakshow. My son liked it but I turned it off everytime.


hrsmith - June 28

that's hilarious!! I hate them too. I am not an anti gay person, but man do those two guys reeep gayness!!! My son (8m) loves to watch the Wiggles. I had a hard time with that at first, because it's just funny to watch a bunch of grown men dance around and sing songs, but I am used to it and get a kick out of watching my son just gaze at the tv when they come on. The doodlebops drive me in sane. They wear too much make-up and look too fake for me. They are just a little too "artsy fartsy" for me. If I had to keep one, it would be the girl, The most annoying one is the guy with the amazingly big, and white teeth. I just can't get tpa__sed them. I don't know what his name is though.


Narcissus - June 28

I'm not homophobic either... I don't even like women that act that way, much less a dude. The worst part of this is that now I have the stupid doodlebops song stuck in my mind.


Chelsey - June 28

"We're the Doodlebops, we're the Doodlebops.... We're the Doodlebops, oh yeah...." Lol!! Hey Narc! I've been busy.... Never a shortage of thing's to do around here! Plus the weather is fantastic, so I've been outside with the kidlet's a bunch! How is Aja? Still trying to beat you up? Lol! I've been meaning to respond to your email, but I'm frickin' lazy. I can barely manage to submit a post every now and then... :)


Rabbits07 - June 28

LOL....I can't stand that show either and thankfully my toddler has moved on. He likes cartoons in spurts...right now we are in the Wonder Pets stage. It was The Wiggles while I was pregnant with Mason. He liked it so much that I bought him the 'Wiggles: Hot Potatoes' tape. I watched it 100 times AT LEAST. Then it got to where I was actually beginning to think that Capt. Feather Sword was kind of s_xy so I had to put a stop to it ;-D


cae - June 28

lol.. Didnt know what a doodlbop was either, in fact never hear of if. We are not at that point yet, either. I dont know any disney or kids shows, but I am sure soon I will know every, single, stinkin word and know all their


Heavenly - June 28

I hate them all actually. I wanna b__w up their bus when they are on the little bus stage doing that stupid little "Let's Get On the Bus" song! Another one I hate is Lazy Town! It's just too d__n weird!


ash2 - June 28

i actually think they are very entertaining. my son that is. he hasnt been watching them as much though. i like drake and josh..... my 3 year old loved them. also, american dragon, and caliou.


mama3 - June 29

babyo- your thinking about Dragon Tales. My oldest use to watch that a while back. My 2yr old loves the doodles. There ok. Better than Barney, lol. My dd sits and waits everyday just to watch this 3 min section of Choo Choo Soul. She can't talk alot but she taught herself how to say "All aboard choo choo" So I put up with the shows in the morning. The best we can I guess, lol.



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