Double B Day Party Dilemma

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Rabbits07 - January 29

Here is the situation. Mason's first b-day is on March 31. Claudia's Sweet 16 is on April they are only like 2 weeks apart. I am torn about what to do about the parties. My family all live about an hour away, so I feel it is rude to expect them to drive all that way for a party, then drive it again 2 weeks later for another party. The thing about having the parties together is that both are really significant birthdays, 1 and 16! (I know they are all significant, but you know what I mean) how do I do it? Decorate one side of the house Sweet 16 and the other Happy First???... lol. I think a party with lots of teens would be overwhelming for Mason, but I know dd is going to want to invite her friends, but I don't want Mason's big day to be an overstimulated fuss-fest for him. Claudia is very close to her granny (my mom) and I know she will want her granny there for her party......what do I do? Any ideas???


Rabbits07 - January 29

Clarification: I had thought about letting Claudia have a seperate party with only friends and not my family, but she's very close to my mom and I know she will want her there.


SonyaM - January 29

Perhaps you could have each party a week early/and a week late. Say have Mason's on March 24 and Claudia's on April 21. This way each party is a month apart. Just a thought. The best thing we ever did was this past year. We had my son's birthday with friends on a Saturday and then on his actual birthday we invited over family for cake. It was so much easier and stress free for me.


sahmof3 - January 29

I had Justin's 1st b-day party with Nathan's 6th. Fortunately they are both young boys, so we just did a single "theme" (jungle), but for the foreseeable future I plan to have their b-day parties together (they are only 6 days apart). I don't know, though, because I have a feeling there is going to come a day when they want separate affairs lol. I sorta lean toward having 2 separate parties in your case, though, because they are so far apart in age and friends and all of that. I CAN say that I wouldn't mind driving an hour a few weeks apart, then again we drive an hour to church every week haha!, I don't know how your family is about that, though.


Rabbits07 - January 29

I just thought it would be tough given the price of my sister will be pretty largely pregnant at that time.


BriannasMummy - January 29

This is what I would do. On Mason's birthday I would do all the family and all of his little friends. Kind of make it a joint party for both with the family members. Then on Claudias birthday I would let her have a second party with all of her friends. That way she gets to have a party with her granny whom she adores plus she also gets to have a sweet 16 with her friends. Mason will also fit in well because it will only be family and little friends, thus not overstimulating him. Just a thought. ~Kristin~


Emily - January 29

Let me know what you decide. My Marcy will be one June 19 ( i know I have awhile) and MAry will be three Aug 1. So about a month a half. I dread having two parties, but I dont want to double up for Marcy's first.....We will probably have two parties......and just hope everyone can make both....


Rabbits07 - January 29

Briannasmummy, that is an excellent idea! Thanks!


apr - January 29

ok, this may souns really dumb. how about doing the party on the same day but at different times. lets say may a breakfast theme for claudia. i attended a breakfast b-day party at 15 at that was the best party i ever had. we started off with all different cereal after we all decorated our own cereal bowls. we were all given white ceramic bowls and we painted on them. then we did the same with hard boiled eggs. there were croissants as well (UK) and lots of other brekfast stuff. I mean it, it was the best I ever attended and so original. There were lots of games as well but I cant remember. And then you can do the 1 yr olds party later on... just a thought. hope it doesnt sound weird


Kara H. - January 29

I would do Mason's pary early in the day, then see if one of your relatives (or one of your friends that have kids close to his age) can take him for the day. Then the family that is there can help you re-decorate and cook for Claudia's party in the afternoon that she can invite her friends as well.


kellens mom - January 29

What does Claudia want to do? At 16, I am sure she has some ideas of how she would like the situation handled. She may just surprise you and suggest that she and her brother share a party with family so that family could attend both.


Rabbits07 - January 29

Actually Claudia wanted MTV to come and Super Sweet her 16????...or something like that! I don't even know what that means! She's not even allowed to watch MTV so I don't know where that came from! You've all given some good suggestions. I will talk to Claudia and see what she thinks.


SonyaM - January 29

Rabbits, just for fun watch Super Sweet 16 sometime. It will crack you up. It is basically these spoiled rich brats having an unbeleivable sweet 16 party. These girls are over the top and their parents are crazy. Some of the things I have seen is pretty much every one of them gets some over the top brand new car, some girls go to Paris shopping for the perfect dress, super star singers at the party. It's really crazy.


^lucy^ - January 29

i agree with kristin's idea (briannasmummy) that was a great idea and i would've done what u said if i were in rabbit's situation.. happy birthday to both of ur kids rabbits :) its wonderful to have such a variety of ages in one family :)


ash2 - January 29

I like apr's idea.



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