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Cookie - February 12

Hi, just wanted to let you all know about a scary situation I encountered (and thank goodness this has a happy ending)...we were told by our prenatal class, our doctor, and lots of other sources to have our car seat installed by our local police department because they are the "experts"...well I went and had mine installed by the Sunrise Police Department in Florida before my dd was born...when my dh first put her in my car he noticed her seat tipped to the side a little...I didn't think anything of it as I was assured by the police officer that it was in correctly...well two months go by and dh is again using my car (rare occurance)..and this time the car seat tips completely over (never happened with me) we look closer and the car seat wasn't even attached to my car!!!! I have a Jeep liberty, and do not have rachiting seat the strap which came with the car seat (infant Greico)...should have been clipped to the base of my passenger seat...instead it was still clipped to itself as it had been in the box...and the seat belt which was loose, had worked its way under the car my dd would have flown through my car even in the slightest of fender as a mother and a lawyer i'm appalled...there is no amount of money or lawsuit that could have replaced my precious cargo...I wanted to give other mothers a warning that you may have a false sense of security in the fact that your car seat was installed by someone me mine seemed fine....thank goodness we found out before anything serious would have happened....Best wishes to all of you!!!!


YC - February 12

How scary! I am glad that you discovred this before anythig tragic happened. This is very upsetting. I know that the person at the station who does the installations has to go through training and from what I hear it is pretty intense. I had my seat installed at the police station here in California and I had a wonderful experience. She was so thorough. She was tugging on this, plling on that. She made sure that it was in correctly. Were you at least able to speak to the station about the seriousness of this?


ash2 - February 12

Contact, and they can tell you how to get in touch with professional carseat installers in your area !!


Cookie - February 13



mandee25 - February 14

We had a police officer intall ours as well and he did a great job and even showed dh what he was doing.It is very tight and secure. I am so glad nothing happened to your LO. :-)



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