Doubled His Birth Weight At 12 Weeks

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eclectic66 - October 16

Alright ladies...I now have a growth question. I'm sure from all my previous posts most of you know that I had a big baby (10lb 6oz) at birth, but now I'm kinda freaking out bc my dh and I weighed him today and he is 20lbs!! He has already doubled his birthweight at 12 weeks!! From what I've read babies don't usually double their birthweight until 6 months old. I don't have another pedi appt until his 4 month visit. What is weird is that he doesn't look fact he has no "michelin man" rolls on him so I don't know where all this weight is!! He is quite long at 27 inches so perhaps all that weight is just being dispersed". He eats approx 5-6 oz every 3 hours so it's not like he's eating me out of house and home. Aggg, I just don't know if I should be worried? Is it possible for him to be growing too fast?? He can still wear some of his 0-3 mos clothes and he also wears 6 mos clothes and wears size 2 diapers (about to wear a size 3). That seems normal enough I think, but with his weight being so high I am just concerned. Anyone else experience this big baby phenomenon? Should I be concerned or am I just being paranoid??


eclectic66 - October 16

I forgot to mention that at 11 weeks he was 17 lbs (but that was on a scale we had never used before or since) so I dont know if that was ever accurate.


Krissy25 - October 16

I think i have read that babies actually double their weight in about 4 to 5 months so he's a little early but not too bad. I personally think it's the length that is causing the above average weight. SOunds like your ds is on track to be a tall thin kid.


wailing - October 16

My ds is not quiet as big as ur son, but I'm pretty sure he's doubled his weight at 4 months. I think your fine. I just read an article about a women who gave birth to a 17lb baby in Siberia!!! Your baby is very long at 12 wks so it makes sense that he would weigh alot.


DDT - October 17

Wow that's a big boy!! I thought I had a big boy (at 8 months old he is 20lbs & 28in). And he has Michelin thighs. What I can't believe is that your lo still fits into 0-3 month clothes. My ds is in 12 month for his length and 6-9 month for his weight. How does your lo fit into such small clothes!? LOL I am sure your ds is just fine though. Obviously he is going to always be a big boy. My ds started slowing down in his weight gain at 4 months old. He gained/gains 1 lb a month. If you are concerned mention it to your doc but like I said I am sure he is just fine.


DDT - October 17

BTW my son doubled his birth weight at 4 months. He was born at 7lbs 4oz and at 4 months weighed 16lbs 2oz.


TiffanyRae - October 17

My DS is nine weeks and weighs just under 15 pounds. So your not alone! lol He is also very long....25 inches. And these measurements were all done at the doctor last Friday! Like the other ladies said...he will most likely be a tall healthy boy! Both my husband and I are big people...DH is six four and I am six one. Both of us are pretty thin though. Its the German what can I say! :) No worries though he will level off for awhile soon I am sure...then all of a sudden spurt up again! Oh and my LO is eating the exact same amount as yours about every three hours....depending on if he is napping or not...if he is then I let him sleep an extra half hour!


eclectic66 - October 17

Ok that is really good to know that it can happen around 4 months too!! DDT- Yeah it is weird how he does still fit into some of his 0-3. I should also mention that he doesn't fit into them in the length dept (I use those extenders), but as far as the rest he can still fit although it looks obviously tight on him. Guess I am just hoping to squeeze every last inch of him into those bc he has soooo many in that age range and he never got to wear them For the most part though he does wear the 6-9 mos outfits. I have noticed that baby clothes are definetly just as bad as adult clothes when it comes to one outfit can fit perfect in a certain size where another brand in the same size wont fit at all. Well, ty all for the input. I do feel a bit better now. I am hoping he just tapers off in his growth when he gets to a certain age bc at this rate I may have to lug him around in a wheel


wailing - October 17

ECLECTIC--haha. That's what my gilrfriend said about her son. He's HUGE and she would have to use 2 arms to hold him when he was 4months old. He started tapering off on growth after he started crawling and now that he's standing on his own and almost walking he's pretty much evened out. Thank goodness...I was getting scared I would never be able to keep up w/ ds's growth too. He has piles of clothes he can't fit into anymore. He's 4 months and wearing 6-9 months now!!!



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