Doula Services I Need Some Advice

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marie - May 11

Hello ladies! Did anyone out here hire a doula while going through labor? Did you think it helped you a lot? Would you recommend it? Can you share your experience...good or bad. How much did it cost. THanks!


mom42 - May 11

I had a doula when my second daughter was born. Mine was in training, so I didn't have to pay. I think normally in this area it is around $400. Having a doula was the best decision I made. The most important thing healthwise is that she saved me from getting an epidural when I was actually 10cm. She was familiar with my first birth and my wishes and helped me have the birth I wanted. If I have a 3rd baby, I plan to pay for a doula. I wish I would have had one for my first birth, but most women wait until their second birth to get one.


Jamie - May 12

I did not have a doula, and wish so desparately that I had, that I'm actually going to attend nursing school and become one. :-) lol


marie - May 12

Thanks mom42! This will be my first baby and I am seriously considering getting a doula. Was it just you and the doula in the L&D room?


Emy - May 12

Well, I had one, and it was a waste of money IMO. She cost 300 bucks and my labor was under 4 hours (3 of which were with the epidural- so I really had no pain). Baby was out in 3 pushes. Although, I know everyone has different labors, my first dd was born really fast and I really had no use for the doula. My mother and dh were enough for me. I regret that I got one. Just wanted to give you the other side of the picture. If I could do it over again, I would have gotten the ones that are super cheap because they are in training. There is a website to find them. I can't remember it anymore but they have all of them listed by state and city. Good luck!


Rabbits07 - May 12

I think a good doula would be a good investment if you have the average labor and birth. Alot of husbands are hesitant about getting in there and really coaching the mom on breathing and pushing, etc. I don't know if they are afraid of being hit, cursed at or what...LOL. I was lucky enough in two of my births to have the RN on duty who taught childbirth prep cla__ses. I was also the only one in labor so I got her undivided one-on-one attention and I found it really helpful. You would get this same one-on-one attention from a doula. Also, they can advise you on things from a non-biased perspective. A doula is more likely to encourage you through a drug free (if that's what you want) birth, whereas alot (not all) family members would encourage pain relief simply because they can't stand to see you in mom is the perfect example of this. I would make sure to get references and check them out thoroughly.


C - May 13

I think it depends on you and who you will have in the delivery room with you. If my sister could have been there the whole time it would have been wonderful. She works and has 3 kids so she could only stay a little bit. My hubby, even though his heart is in the right place, wasn't very helpful to me. I'd ask him to get me something and he'd tell me to push the b___ton for the nurse. I did have a very LONG labor/delivery so I think it would have been worth the money to me.


marie - May 16

I am going to interview a doula on Thursday. She will charge me $400. I've also received emails from her references and they said nice things (of course) about her. But they also shared what happened during labor and what the doula did. She sounds good. Any suggestions on what questions to ask?


Lillie E - May 17

umm... silly question, whats a doula?


marie - May 18

a doula is someone who comes with u during labor and helps you out. like a coach.



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