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BWIND - March 8

Does anyone use Dr. Brown Bottles? I just bought one to try on my baby. He's been very gassy. I'm hoping these will help. The directions say to stir the formula instead of shaking it. Does anyone still shake the formula?


SonyaM - March 8

At first we did stir it but then as he got older we stopped doing that. We also add gas drops to EVERY bottle and he never had a problem with gas. He did VERY well on the Dr. Brown's bottles but they are a MAJOR PAIN to kill.


krnj - March 8

We use the Dr. Brown's bottles for my son. I think they did help with the gas. As Sonya said, they are a pain to clean though.


Kristin72 - March 8

I love the Dr.Brown bottles. They definitely reduce gas and they flow much better than other bottles.I think it's a good idea to stir...although I do shake. I think I will try to stir next time I give her a bottle which is not that often. P.S. I have a mini brush that makes cleaning easy..then I put them in my sterilizer. Cheers!


AshleyB - March 8

We tried Dr. brown bottles, and Avent bottles, and the playtex dropins. My ds was super ga__sy, it's not so bad anymore. We've had the best luck with the playtex dropins, because you squeeze all the air out, and they get much less air than any other bottles i've tried. It's hard to get a burp from him most the time. And the best part is they're a dream to clean. Just throw away the liner and clean the nipple, that's it! I love it!!! The brown's bottles are such a pain to clean!


AshleyB - March 8

Forgot to add, that we shake the bottles.


Shannah - March 8

i used dr. b's bottles from the beginning it helped with the gas. i alway shook the bottles but just not really fast, this way it kept the bubble down


drea - March 8

I've used Dr. Browns from the beginning. My dd had gas, but I think it was from the formula which the gas drops took care of. I shake also, but I make the bottles in advance so by the time I use them all the bubbles are gone. I do agree with the other ladies, they are a real pain in the b___t to clean and you have to make sure the top part of the insert gets dry or else is gets mildew in it, yuck....


BWIND - March 8

Thanks for your help. I gave him one bottle and he threw up everywhere. I'm not sure if it was the bottle or the gas drops I gave him before it. I bought a different brand. I'm going to try Dr. Brown tomorrow during the day so we will have a somewhat peaceful night.


Bonnie - March 8

My suggestion is to do what you did, try ONE of each bottle before investing. My son had a combination of tummy troubles including gas, reflux, ad motility issues so I will just share a few things that I learned so that maybe some of them will help you. 1. Definately stir and do not shake. Air makes gas. 2. If the gas is being caused in the tummy, then the proper bottle and the symethicone (Mylicon) drops will help. 3. If the gas is being developed in the intestines, the drops will be worthless and you probably need a formula change. 4. try out the Dr. B bottle and see how it goes, but if it doesn't work, check to see how he has been latching. Do you hear sucking sounds at all? It might be a nipple problem (which Mason had). 5. If that is the case, try the Playtes drops in with the LATEX nipple. My son can not latch well onto silicone. Even now he will spit out a silicone binky but take a latex one no problem. 6. Burp often. Like every 1- 1 1/2 ounces, unless he wails for more food. Crying hard makes them suck in air as well. 7. Lastly, check out the signs and symptoms on infantrefluxdisease.com and make sure you are not dealing wirh reflux as well. it can be hard to know just what is wrong in the beginning. Good luck! :)


Kristin72 - March 9

Great advice Bonnie


BWIND - March 9

I'm going to try again today with the Dr. Brown bottles. Does anyone warm their bottles in the microwave? I know it recommends that we Don't......or does anyone know a quick way to warm a bottle?


MM - March 9

I run my bottles under hot water to warm them up... ds isn't too picky about temperature though so I don't have to do it for too long.


luviduvi - March 9

I do use the micro...make sure you SHAKE the bottle to shake out the hotspots the micro can create. Some say not to shake but I have with the Dr. Browns and never had an issue. P.S. I use Dr. B's now but really thought the Playtex nurser w/ the drop in's are the best ever. I used them w/ each baby until they got to about 3 mths of age. Don't overlook those bottles. Even my ped thinks they are the best.


MM - March 9

I've recently heard that microwaving water kills all the nutrients in it.



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