Dr Brown S Bottles

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readytobaby - December 8

Hey everyone, just wondering if any of you ladies spent the extra money and bought the dr. Browns bottles?? I did and i'm quite dissapointed, I don't think they make any difference?? Do you?


ash2 - December 8

I have heard positive and negative things about them. I have heard they leak, but i have also heard they prevent gas. I use playtex ventaire...They are AWESOME . My ds never gets gas.


krnj - December 8

I have the dr Brown's bottles and I think they are pretty good. That's all I've used for my son so I can't compare to anything else. They are a pain in the neck to clean though!


SonyaM - December 8

We used Avent with my first son and liked those except that they leaked all the time. We bought the Dr. Brown's because my second ds did not do well on the avent. He has done WONDERFULLY on the Dr. Brown's but man I HATE cleaning them. I would rather have dental work done!!!!!hehehehe


Anne - December 8

My dd spits up more with bf than when I give her formula out of the Dr. Brown's. They're great. For cleaning, I have 2 baskets in the top rack of the dishwasher. They're made by Munchkin & I bought them at Target for less than $5. You can fit the nipples and the rubber inside piece in the holes in the top of the basket and the side of the basket has holes for the "straws". That makes them simple to clean...just pop them in the dishwasher.


Nerdy Girl - December 9

Dr. Brown's bottles saved our sanity with our son's horrible gas. The Playtex Ventaires did nothing to help him.


ITSABOY - December 9

I se dr.browns and they are my favorite.I also use platex ventaire my baby never has gas.


jwhite - December 12

It takes a while to see proof the dr. browns work. I was mad too cause I thought this is not helping cause she had worse gas when she first started on them but now, 2 months later, she does awesome. She doesn't even burp all the time.


K - December 12

They made a huge difference for us. My dd had hardly any gas with the Dr. Brown's bottles, nothing a couple of gas drops couldn't stop in a matter of minutes. She hardly ever cried. We tried the ventaire a couple of times, and every time, she had really bad gas afterwards. We don't use anything but Dr. Browns.


mcatherine - December 12

We also switched from Vent Aire to Dr. Browns. Returned the sanity to our home- thats for sure!


sophiasmom - December 12

I love Dr. Browns bottles. My ds used the playtex because those were the only bottles he would use but I hated them. With my dd I used Dr. Browns bottles she loves them. She is a happy camper.


Kara H. - December 12

We started out with the Ventaire, but Max couldn't suck hard enough to make the stupid thing work right. I wanted to try the Dr. Browns, but they were too tall to fit into my microwave steam sterilizer (which I LOVE). I thought I would give the avent a try before moving on to the Dr Browns since I wasn't crazy about giving up the sterilzer (my dishwasher really sucks). The avent worked great for us. You do have to tighten them down, but not over tighten to keep them from leaking. It hasn't really been a problem for us. I also like that the avents have a nice wide mouth for mixing formula on the go and a regular standard size dishwashing brush fits inside them. Max has no problem getting the vent collar to work and we almost never have to burp him now. Also, most of there stuff in interchangable so I will be able to sippy lids and handle to the bottles as we go. So I personally never made it on to the Dr Browns.


Shannah - December 12

I use them and they are the best. the new ones leak, the skinny ones but the wider ones don't leak. they helped mine a lot. i tried the playtex ventaire and they didn't work for me at all, they gave my little one hiccups and ga__sy. dr. browns have been the best since birth



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