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emilysmommy - May 13

My 3 month dd has been having a horrible and painful gas problem and really fussing at her Avent bottles so I just switched to the Dr. Brown bottles. It's been 24 hours and I can't really tell a difference in her behavior yet...she still seems cranky from gas but she is drinking the formula with these bottles a whole lot better and not fussing at the nipple any longer. My question is, for those of you who switched to Dr. Brown's bottles, how long before you noticed the gas problem went away or did you notice a difference at all? Thanks in advance...


krnj - May 13

Hi my ds will be 10 weeks and I've been using the Dr. Brown's bottles since he was born. He is still very ga__sy even with these bottles. I haven't tried any other bottles yet. I think he is just a very ga__sy baby. I have been using the gas drops and they seem to help a little. What formula is your dd on? He's on Similac with iron. Sorry if this doesn't help much! Good luck!


Bonnie - May 13

They didn't help my son much. I eventually tried a playtex nurser with a latex nipple and he latched on like crazy with significantly less gas. Different bottles and nipples seem to help different babies. I'd recommend buy one of every bottle and test them all out. test out silicone verses latex nipples as well. Burp after every ounce if you can. Gas drops will help with any air in the tummy, but once it hits the intestines, it won't help. Try the drops and burping every ounce before the formula moves out of the tummy. If all of that does not work, speak to your ped. Sometimes gas is developed IN the tummy, usually from a formula intolerance. Gas drops won't help that. Usually tummy problems get better by about 3-4 months. Yours is 3 months already, so she may benefit from a different type of formula. Formula changes upset the tummy themselves and take a good 2 weeks to kick in. I would first try the above things I mentioned. After that, check with the ped and see what he recommends on formula so that you are not going through brand, after brand, after brand, etc. ............Also, you said she is drinking the formula better with the Dr.Browns. Was she not drinking well before? How is her general eating habits? Is her fussiness only after she eats or non-stop all day?


Bonnie - May 13

Oh, I almost forgot. Check out nipple flow too! My son was on fast flow at 2 months! We had a Swallow Study done at the hospital (looking for soemthing else) and what we saw was him swallowing excessive amounts of air. He was on a slow nipple. When he went to large, latex, and fast flow nipples it almost completely got rid of the air. Go for the fastest flow she will eat without choking. Try a stage 2 and then possibly a stage 3.


Jodi - May 13

i use playtex ventaire and love them!! Fast flow nipples might also cause her to swallow more air b/c it is moving to fast for her...if burping every ounce doesn't work do every 1/2 ounce..I had to do that now we do every ounce or two. gas drops are also wonderful


QQ - May 14

My baby is 4 months and I have been using both brands of bottles since the beginning. Different babies have different preference but for my ds there isn't much difference at all. He is ga__sy but not too bad and I do find the gas drops helpful.


emilysmommy - May 14

Day two and she now seems happier on the Dr. Brown bottles! She is crying less and is smiling more and having way less spit-up. She's on Similac Advance w/iron and has always been a good eater but had noticed this past week that she was particularly ga__sy and just grazing at her bottles...wanting to eat but not liking her bottles is what it seemed like to me. I already had 7 Dr. Brown bottles but wasn't using them so decided to give them a try (they seemed so tedious to me because of the extra cleaning and parts but it's worth it if they make her happier!) and she no longer is fussing at the bottle and it seems like she's getting pure formula with no air. When she's happy I'm happy...LoL Thanks for all your feedback..:)


Bonnie - May 14

Yaaay, go baby go :D



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