Dr Browns Bottles

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Sonya - November 26

My son (8 wks) has been using Dr. Brown's bottles for about 7 weeks now and has projectile vomitted on me six times while feeding with Dr. Brown's bottles. It's as if he is gagging and then up it comes. Not fun for him or me!!! He used Avent for several days and never did this. Also my first son used Avent for two years and never did this. Has anyone else had this problem while using Dr. Brown's bottles.


s - November 26

no, i've never experienced this. dr. brown's bottles work really well for my daughter.


-m - November 26

I use Dr. Browns bottles also and I've never had that problem.


FF - November 27

I also used Dr B bottles at first and never had problems... could it be something else? Sorry not to be much help :(


monica - November 27

i dont think its the bottles. i use them and never had a problem.


Sonya - November 27

Thanks for your imput ladies! Any ideas on what is causing this? Could it be acid reflux? My older son does have acid reflux and I did during both of my pregnancies. He has his two month check up in two weeks so I will ask the Dr. then.


Sonya - November 27

Sorry....I meant input....


Christy - November 27

I am sure you are, but I have to ask if you are you using the age-appropriate nipple with the bottle? Maybe the bottle came with a faulty nipple with a too-big hole on it?


Sonya - November 27

All of the nipples are the newborn ones and I don't think they are faulty. We have seven bottles/nipples so I have no way of knowing which one he was using each time this happened.


kate - November 28

could it be that he's just eating too much? those bottles don't create a vacuum or a need for a baby to stop and let the pressure equalize - maybe he's just getting too much at one time. what about burping him every so often? maybe he gets a gas bubble and when it comes up, so does everything else. ????


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 28

I use Dr Browns and Lucas does super good with them. Perhaps your little one has acid reflux, or something of the sort. I would check with the doc!


Beccah - November 28

My son also had projectile vomiting, starting around 8-9 weeks old. It turned out to be pyloric stenosis (symptoms of this peak at 2 months), where the muscle at the end of the stomach closes off and food can't get through. Other signs of this are constipation/no stools. I hope your little one is ok!



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