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vonzo - February 21

Amber has had cold like symptoms for a few days now and over the past couple of days her cough has gotten quite bad and wheezy. When i was a baby i had really chronic asthma and was in and out of oxygen tents and on numerous nebulised drugs. Alot of my family had bad asthma too. Because of this i thought i had better take her to the Dr's to get checked out incase she was following in mummy's footsteps. After waiting for over half an hour with a poorly baby we finally got seen, only to be ridiculed and patronised. My dr was full so we had to see a different one and he was such an arse biscuit!!! There's no such thing as chronic asthma in babies apparently (so my mother and hospital records lie) and i was being an over sensitive mother. To then be told she has RSV. He didn't tell me what RSV stood for or explain the conidition. He just said it's a virus so no medication would work, just monitor her and if she seems to get worse (which he doubted as she just had a sniffle, i can assure you it's more than a mere sniffle, she can barely drink her bottle she's that blocked up and coughs all the time. She's also being sick quite alot because of all the gunge in her chest.) then to go back in. I had to come home and look it up on the internet as i had never heard of it before, then freaked myself out by reading it leads to pneumonia and other things. I managed to calm myself down as she's not acting OVERLY ill if that makes sense she's just not herself at the moment. It wasn't just what he said but the smug and patronising tone he used too as if i was just there making a song and dance out of nothing. I'm so angry that i didn't say anything to him while i was there. If doctors feel that p___sed off about patients going to see them when they think that somethings wrong then why bother being in that proffession?! I'll make sure never to agree to go see him again, that's for sure!!


srigles - February 21

That's so awful! The guy sounds like a total a__s. I'd be freaked out too. We've had ds into the hospital a few times now, and I felt like I might have been overreacting, but the doctors there all said that was fine, and that I should never second-guess myself if I think something's wrong. It made me feel so much better! Personally, I'd want to rip that doctor's arm off and whack him over the head with it. What a jerk!


Lisastar9 - February 21

Yikes sorry you had a bad dr. You can gets lots of advice on here about RVS. I know Rabbits can give some good advice. Not to worry ,just go with the flo.


CyndiG - February 21

LOL srigles! That made me think about that movie Death Becomes Her. I don't know why, but such a mental image of ripping his arm off and hitting him with it! ROFL!!!


luviduvi - February 21

Sorry this happened! Some docs are so insensitive. I think b/c most don't have children of there own. My ds was tested for RSV. It came back neg. but my ped said that the swab isn't always correct and she felt that he had RSV. My ds was sick for about 4 weeks. He's just now better. Hope Amber feels better soon.


Ca__sJ - February 21

I hate doctors sometimes. I know what you mean about being mad that you didn't say anything to him. I always get home and think man I could have said this and that and really told him off. I hate that you had to see that jerky doctor! I hope your dd gets better soon!


3babies - February 22

Hi Vonzo, I would still see how she goes anyway ... with your history she would be more likely to develop asthma. My oldest had it (which he outgrew around 5yo) and my youngest boy was referred to a paediatric respiratory physician (what a mouthful) who told us he had "floppy airways!". Any time either one of them got a cold or virus they would end up wheezing and vomiting mucus etc. Both were on a ventolin puffer with any flareups and the oldest was on flixotide (steroid) inhaler for about 18months. It was really hard for me to find a doctor that knew anything and was prepared to treat it. In desperation one day I took my son to our childrens hospital and basically sat there all day until my son was a__sessed for an asthma management plan ... we were being sent home as they didnt think he was too bad, but after they gave him ventolin he started running around which triggered all the wheezing coughing etc and his oxygen sats were in the mid 80's (they got 2 different machines as they couldnt believe the change!) Needless to say, it ended in a hospital stay and some grovelling nurses and doctors. On top of it all I'm actually a physio, so it's not like I dont know what a bad chest or a wheeze sounds like! If you're not happy, just keep persisting, our little ones only have us to look out for them!


Emily - February 22

I would go back and talk to YOUR doctor and get a SECOND OPINION. I can't beileve he ahd the gaul to tell you that you were being a sensitive mother and then in the next breath told you she ahd RSV. I mean come on, that can be a bit serioius and it is nice to have a diagnosis like that so you can be more informed, that is not being overly sensitive. (if she even has it, the docs bedside antics makes me wonder about his dianostic ability.....) By the way I do not think in any circ_mstance that when it comes to your babies health, you are being overly sensitive. I mean your baby can't tell you what is wrong so you have to inturpret how she is acting. The hospital close to my town has what they call a rapid responce team that you can call if you think your loved one is acting funny, even if they say they feel fine. They are in place to keep doc and nurses honest and listening to the family and patient concerns, but the basic idea is that you know your loved one best adn they value your opinion,. I think the same should homd true when it comes to your baby. Good luck and def go talk to a doc you trust and feel comforatble with...


Momof5 - February 22

I'm so sorry you had to go through that... It seems like alot of DR's are like that now days. We as Moms know better it seems than the DR. I hope your litttle one feels better soon..


BriannasMummy - February 22

I would definatly make an appt with YOUR doctor and forget about that a__s!! It makes me angry when a doctor gets all nasty with someone for being concerned. My first doctor told me that when mommy thinks there is something wrong.. in 99% of the cases.. SOMETHING is wrong! I have to share that something like this just happened to me!! Recently my dd had gotten a fever and her ears had been hurting and she had trouble breathing because of phlemm in her throat. When she was about 7 months old she was diagnosed with CHRONIC asthma.. and since then i really thought that she had grown out of it. Anyway.. i took her to the hospital on friday night, to get her checked.. he looked at me like i had rocks in my head. He said there is NOTHING wrong with her and that I was being over sensitive about the entire thing. Even though she had temperatures of 102 and her ears WOKE her up from a dead sleep he told me there was nothing wrong with her at all. Yesterday while I was out of town I asked my mil to take her to MY doctor just to make sure.. because i still felt there was something wrong! Thank god that I did... she has two ear infections, one of them is soo bad, the eardrum is on the verge of breaking. Her bronchial tubes are basically blocked off making it almost impossible for her to breath normally.. sooo he perscribed her two puffers and some anitbiotics for her ear infections. Either that doctor at the hospital got his medical degree from a cracker jacks box.. or he was an a__s that sent my poor daughter home in pain!! It makes me sick to my stomach to know my 4 year old was in pain for 5 more days then she needed to be!!! I feel for you.. and i know EXACTLY how you feel.. if ur gut instinct says there is something wrong.. i really believe that there is! I hope everything gets settled and you get to the bottom of why your poor dd is not feeling well! ~Kristin~



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