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Molly - May 27

I will be a new mom in just a few weeks.. and I was wondering? Do you have to use Dreft detergent? Or will any detergent do? Thank you!


Fabienne - May 27

I'm also going to be a mom in a couple of weeks and I have started using Dreft to wash all his clothes and the bed sheets. I know Pediatricians recommend it. You can go to dreftbaby.com to have answer to your questions. Congratulations and best wishes for what is ahead :))))


Jenn... - May 27

I have been using dreft to prewash all my baby's clothes. My sister in law told me her pediatrician told her that ALL Free and Clear will be okay for babies clothes as well. He said it is just as gentle as Dreft.


ES - May 27

If you use regular detergent just use the extras rinse feature on the washer and you should have no problem.


Tracey - May 27

I think it all depends on your baby. I washed all my babies clothes in dreft before she was born. After she was born, I threw a couple pieces of her clothes in with ours (Tide) to see how her skin would react. After a couple hours she was really irritated. Our doc said to use whatever worked and if their skin isn't really sensitive, any detergent is fine. Unfortunately though, I'm stuck with the Dreft.


Molly - May 27

Thank you for all of your promt responses. Great Advice!!


why on earth? - May 27

Fabienne - why would anyone go to dreft's site to find out if you should use dreft?? duh! of course they will make you think you need it.


Amaya's mommy - May 27

Hi! Like Tracey said, it all depends on your baby. We us All that is made for babies. It smells soooooooooo good. You could try something small like socks or maybe a shirt, and put it on her one day when you are home, if she breaks out or starts crying uncontrollably (for no reason) Then I would probably stick with what you know, but I know there are people out there that use whatever they can afford.


E - May 27

Dreft is not necessary. A dye/perfume free detergent is perfectly fine. I think Dreft is quite stinky, in my opinion. I used it once and stopped b/c it has so much perfume. That said, I use regular detergent for my baby's clothes. He does fine with it.


Lynn - May 31

You could also go for a really mild detergent live Dove. That should do just a well. I asked my mom about what she used when we were young & she said "special detergent? I used whatever was cheapest!". So I think it really just depends on the baby. Even today I have reactions to some of the more expensive detergents like Tide, but I am fine with Purex. My husband reacts to anything in powder form.. So I would do what Amaya's Mommy said to do.


chel - June 1

We washed everything for our first child in Dreft. What a waste of money! We started using All Free and Clear for all of our clothes. I love it. It is much more economical. I also like the smell better.


c - June 1

i've been using dreft and it works well. but it is expensive. my pediatritions said i can use any mild detergant without bleach or additives. i would also deffinantly reccoment (sp? sorry:) stocking up on BIZ... lots of poopy accidents! anyway congrats and good luck!


Lisa - June 1

What is dreft? I am a__suming it is a mild detergent for washing delicates? I have always used Lux soap flakes for all my baby clothes, they smell great and are soooo soft. :o)



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