Dress Up Day At Daycare

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BaileysMummy - March 6

Friday is dress up day at my sons daycare (he's 14 months old). He has to be dressed up as a favourite book character or sportsman. I'm trying to think of some cute ideas, but I'm not very creative, I'd love to hear some suggestions!


Mellissa - March 6

did he dress up for halloween? if so, is it possible to reuse his costume, just change the "idea" of it, so that it represents a character?


ash2 - March 6

I agree with mellissa...or you could go to a costume store and get things for here and there for really cheap since it is off season.


Brittany - March 6

You could try pajamas that have spiderman or superman or something like that if you can't find costumes right now.


BaileysMummy - March 6

We're in Australia and don't celebrate halloween, so there are no old costumes lying around. He has had a dress up day before, I put some tigger pyjamas on him, coloured in his nose with lipstick and drew whiskers on his face...it was so cute. I was thinking maybe Bob the Builder this time, he could wear overalls, a hat and take a plastic hammer with him


kristie h - March 6

Hi Mel, i am not sure what yor are or not allowed to take to day care but i would just ask if the p[lastic hammer was allowed? Why not old mac donald had a farm? You could Dress him overalls, a hat and take a stuffed animal toy like a cow or somthing?


mcatherine - March 6

How about Tom Sawyer? Overalls and no shoes...



I was going to say Harry Potter but Mcatherine's idea sounds really good.


Aussie Beck - March 7

What about Peter Rabbit? Considering Easter isn't too far away so you should be able to find some bunny ears in the shops, put some blue overalls on him with a black nose & whiskers. Did peter rabbit carry a basket too? Or he could be one of the Three Bears from Goldilocks -if he has a brown shirt and shorts he'd just need some whiskers!


Mellissa - March 7

Bob the builder is a great idea! :)


SuzieQ - March 7

What about the kid from "Where the wild things are?" Put him in a white sleeper, pin a tail on his behind, and make a paper crown.


tryingx3 - March 7

oooh - I like suzyq's idea. :-) scarecrow from wizard of oz - I had a friend do this and it was really cute - overalls, straw, paint on his face, funny hat.



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