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P - July 4

Is it appropriate for me to dress my daughter in only a onesie/diaper shirt? It's so freakin hot and humid here I want to put her in as little as possible but still cover her up a bit. I've been puting her in a cute onesie and throwing a hat and shoes on her and that it. We haven't actually gone out in public like this yet. Will she look like an orphan if we do? And are sleepers strictly for sleeping? I'm bloody clueless eh?


Kaz - July 4

I'm guessing that a diaper shirt is one of those t-shirt suit things that clip together under the diaper? If so, yeah why not? I would, and I will, I don't know how hot and muggy you get it but my daughter'll be 7 months when summer hits us in Brisbane. It gets so horrible hey, at least they'll look like comfortable orphans. Stuff what people think, if grown women can get about in puplic barely covering their bits then I can dress my little girl in a 'onesie', whatever a onesie is (I think I know) :o)


Toya - July 5

Stores have very cute onsies now with beautiful prints so that they look more like outfits than just a "onesie". I put my daughter in a onsie, some socks, and I put a head band on her and she looks adorable.


P - July 5

Yeah that's a onesie Kaz. Have no idea why they call it that. Sounds stupid to me but whatever... I doubt it gets as bad here as it does in Australia. lol We still count the humidex. "It's 34 degrees today but with the humidity it feels like 836 degrees..." I got my daughter a pair of Robeez shoes too and they are great. She can't get them off her feet. :) Little twerp has such tiny feet they're the only ones I can get to stay on. Thanks for replying ladies.


Jbear - July 5

They sell little sundresses for baby girls, too...I had some when my daughter was tiny, and when she got bigger we used them for shirts. Onsies work fine, too. I don't even think of them as underclothes, but in the baby books you see them putting onesies under the sleepers, so I guess some people think of them that way. A baby in a onesie looks much better than a baby in long sleeves, stocking cap and a blanket, in 100 degree weather, which is what I see a lot of around here.


mira - July 5

you toally can go out in a onesie! my son wear them all day. i live in a very hot climate. they make them now that they dont look like undershirts but like outfits, sort of. i also have robeez, they're deliciously cute!


Skyfeather - July 5

I dress my daughte in airy light dresses as much as possiable. Of course I just love dressing her up but her clothing selection is not big enough if you ask me lol, baby clothes are to expensive. I do put her in a cute onsie and take her out, it gets to hot here to make her suffer with clothes on and if Im somehweres like a friensd or familys house I will strip her down to her diaper if its hot. Sometimes I wish I could just were undies- its so much more comfortable in this blasted heat, of course Im a winter baby maybe thats why I like the cold


E - July 6

It's pretty much your own prefrance as to what you want your child to wear. But i would have to say for the summer months it does get hot and diaper shirts come in handy.. I do it all the time with my daughter and throw some socks on and where good to go. and for the sleepers.. that is totally up to you. they have sleepers for bedtime and more fancier ones to put on if your out in public.


P - July 6

Okay. That's good news. One more question. Do they have little undies that cover the diaper other than those frilly white thingies? I hate it when I put her in a cute sundress and there's this ugly old diaper hanging out. I have the frilly ones for her party dresses but I can't find any "casual" ones. lol God, I sound like an idiot. lol


Kaz - July 6

Hi P, just read your last post. No you don't sound like an idiot and I haven't seen anything like that yet. Mind you I haven't had the need to look at clothes, they're like getting thrown at us from everywhere. I had a thought though that you might think is stupid.. If you have a sewing machine or overlocker, you could find some fabric you like and cut out the shape of a disposible diaper, tack on a couple of velcro tabs and you got little undies that are easy to get to the nappy/diaper. Ya know what I mean? Maybe I sound like an idiot anyhow :o)


P - July 6

OMG Kaz you rule!!!! That's an awesome idea!! I don't sew but my mommy does. Thanks!! :)


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 6

Hey P, they do make diaper covers, you can look at ebay and just type in diaper cover, it will give you a whole bunch of options. I know that gerber makes them. Good luck. You can also look up onesies on ebay and find a whole bunch of cute ones that are real cheap.


P - July 6

You guys are great. Thanks so much!


TeeTee - July 6

My dr. told me that my son will feel just about as hot as I am feeling and he told me that a onsie was fine but he did need a hat on since they lose so much heat through the head.


Jbear - July 7

Target usually sells baby dresses with matching diaper covers. They're not frilly, and I always used them with dresses other than the ones they came with.


klm - July 8

Onesies are fine! What I can't stand is when people take their babies out in public in just a diaper, or a diaper with a short t-shirt. I definately think the diaper should be covered or it looks trashy!


Lacy's Mom--Mitone - July 12

Gosh, I was just thinking today that babies are so lucky, that I wish I could get away with going around in a body suit and a pair of socks. My 4 week old looks adorable in just her onesies and a pair of socks. I almost feel a little ridiculous when I try to dress her in anything fancier--I am trying to think, would I wear this fancy dress to go to the store, no I'd wear a t-shirt and jeans, the equivalent to her onesie. So that is how I figure out the dressing questions...you moms please come join me at my new site, http://bluepoop.com cause I am a first time mom and I am hoping more experienced moms will come and start posting, and dummies like me will post questions the smart ones can answer!



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