Dry Diapers

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angeev - September 24

The past few days my 10 1/2 month old has only been having 2 wet diapers per day, and they're not really even all that wet. Aside from this he is 100% his normal self....no fever, still drooly, fun and playful. I have spoken with the Dr several times and they are baffled, said just to be very observant and note anything slightly out of the ordinary. He has been weening himself from the bottle and doesn't LOVE the cup, but still has at least 20 oz per day. The only thing I could think of is maybe a UTI. Has this ever happened to anyone? Any ideas or suggestions?


angeev - September 24

Forgot to mention...he has not had the greatest appet_te, but he has a couple teeth coming in so I think that is the problem there. Kids...harder to understand than men.


Malica - September 24

That is really strange because UTI's usually cause an increase in the frequency of urination (if you've ever had one you know that they make you feel like you have to pee all the time). Do keep a really close eye on him though. Are his hands and feet any puffier than normal? I'd be worried about kidney function if he's not peeing often enough.


kimberly - September 24

Are you totally sure all his diapers are dry. I know he is a bit older than a newborn but when I first brought my daughter home, I thought she wasn't having wet diapers so I took her in and they had me save her diapers for 2 days and even though I couldn't tell thier was pee in most of them the Dr. said there was. So she was just fine. So maybe he is just going a little at a time or something. I know that would be strange for a 10 month old to not just soak his diapers though. I would definately keep a close eye on it and as Malica said make sure you don't notice him retaining water in his skin. That would definately be a sign of kidney problems. Maybe have them check his kidneys just to be safe. It is just a simple blood test.(I have had it done)


pgagain - September 24

How drooly is drooly? If he is drooling a lot he is probably losing a lot of liquid this way. You can't really measure this as it evaporates off his bib or clothes. Teething has a lot to do with this. Keep offering him liquids but my guess is if he appears fine and isn't retaining fluid and is still drooling, cries tears and skin is tight he is fine.


mjvdec01 - September 24

You should definitely have a kidney function test done to rule out any major problem. Go back to the pediatrician and insist on it.


tish212 - September 24

i agree, have some more tests done, dehydration in a child or kidney issues can turn into something more scary, better to be safe ya know? dont panic, just rule out all the possible problems... also try to offer him other things to drink like water, watered down juice... sometimes i offer my daughter water with a taste of soda in it, and she loves it... just enough to color the water and maybe sweeten it a bit, but not enough to cause problems (spoke to her ped about it and he said a little bit was ok) so just see if they can test the kidneys...and i know this sounds horrible but lightly pinch your lo's arm or leg, and if the skin doesn't immediately go back to place he is dehydrated, or if you can push in on his legs or feet and leave and indent then he is retaining fluid and will need a way to move that fluid from his body...i am NOT trying to scare you just trying to give you a few things to rule out... good luck and keep us posted


Buffi R. - September 25

Another thing you can test at home is the condition of the soft spot on the top of his head (the one above his forehead, not the one in the back which has probably fused already). If you've ever felt his soft spot to know what it feels like under normal conditions, feel it again now to see if it feels differently...more puffy or sunken in. An overly puffy soft spot indicates swelling in the head and a sunken in soft spot indicates dehydration. If you're not familiar with how it normally feels (let's face it, how often do any of us touch this?) your doctor will know what's normal.



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