Dry Patches Of Skin

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austinsmom - May 12

it has been recommended to me to use cortisone cream on my lo dry patches of skin.....the nurse says that these dry patches are normal but to me it is a little worrying considering it seems to be spreading....has anyone had experience with this and what worked for you?


LisaB - May 12

My son has the same thing am curious


Rabbits07 - May 12

my first had eczema...I can't say that it's the same thing your baby has as I've not seen it..but that's what my daughter's turned out to be.


JAI - May 12

I just came from the pedi dermatologist for my 6 month old son. He has eczema patches, she prescribed 2% cotizone for the body and 1% for patches on his cheeks. She advised that it is safe and the best way to "control" the problem as you cannot cure it. She also said it will not thin the skin. Also to bath him without soaps, just use the soap for his hair and bum area. Bath every single day because they need moisture in the skin, and dab dry not completely dry. Good Luck!


austinsmom - May 12

I appreciate your answers to my concern......after you mentioned eczema I looked it up on the internet and pictures of infant eczema look almost exactly like my lo dry patches........now that makes me wonder why the doctor did not tell me this info......my lo seems to get this mostly (though not all of it) in areas that bend ex. back of knees, underarm, joints of foot to toes etc ......some is red but all are rough and extremely dry like rubbing your finger over fine sandpaper......this this sound like what your lo skin is like also???


nic nac - May 12

austinsmom, my dd had two round dry patches on her face and one in her ear. The dr. told me to use aquaphor. I have been using it and her skin is clearing up. you can buy it over the counter it's made by eucerin and is specifically for dry skin in babies.


Rabbits07 - May 12

my daughter's pedi recommended the Eucerin creme (in a tube, not the lotion) and it was excellent...as well as expensive. That was when she was a baby. Now that she is older it tends to break out only in the winter, but very badly and she has a rx for Elidel.


Rabbits07 - May 12

oh, and that does sound like eczema. Did the dr. check the rash? Having recommended cortisone cream, it sounds like the dr. knew that it was more than dry skin??? Some docs are just vague when it comes to telling you exactly what is wrong---reckon that is the case here?


julieB - May 13

my son is 2 months on May 16th. and he has terrible dry skin on his face and chest.. it has spread to his wrists. the doc prescribed hydrocortisone for his face and told me to use Selsun Blue for his head.. I havent use the Selsun Blue yet but the hydrocortisone works well for the face.. use it thinly and Only on the patchy dry areas.. little Jadon's head on the other hand is in bad shape.. I thought it was cradle cap, but it is all over.. I use Ucerine cream..


mommy716 - May 13

we just brought Michael to the doctor for the same realson and he said it was eczema and gave us this cream and in days it was all cleared up! the cream was called Hydrocortisone!


kimberley - May 13

My DD had/has the same...I swapped to a special bath solution...it is PH balanced, and TOTAALY soap free...it cleared it up..too much soap was the key. Even though had been using baby bath stuff which was meant to be soap free it was too strong for my DD's skin. I ran out of the good stuff, and for 2 days had to use the J+J stuff again, and it came back....so try going to the chemist and getting some special soap free wash.


kimberley - May 13

Another thing, always make sure all folds are dried well, not by rubbing but by patting..EG: behind ears, under arms, between toes etc etc :)


Kelly K - May 13

Aveeno baby lotion has worked GREAT for us. They hydrocortizone cream actually made my DD's a lot worse. I just lather her up 3 times a day and the dry patches and rash went completely away.


sarahbaby11 - May 15

my daughter had the same thing and my pediatrician said it could be caused be the baby wash. it isn't as gentle as you think. try an avon product with lotion in it and put lotion on after baths. also try not to bathe everyday they don't need it a sponge bath on their bottom is fine unless they pee all over themselves.


JAI - May 15

I tried all the Aveeno products, even the oatmeal in the water...it only seemed to make the skin more irritated and worse.


Rabbits07 - May 15

Sometimes it is just a matter of trial and error to see what works and what doesn't. I have a neice whose eczema stays flared up on her almost all of the time no matter what she does or uses. We have learned with our daughter that certain detergents, soaps, etc. cause her to break out and we make note of those and avoid them in the future. I will also mention that just because a product says it is for sensitive skin doesn't mean it will not cause eczema to flare...i bought the Dove sensitive skin for dd and she still broke out. We finally discovered a St. Ives brand of body soap that she is able to use. She mostly only breaks out now in the winter time and then it gets so bad that it bleeds. She is so sensitive to the cold that she breaks out when we are in the refrigerated section at the grocery store---luckily it is generally only on her hands that she breaks out since she's older. She has to keep her hands in her pockets or wear gloves in the store:-(


austinsmom - May 16

WOW!!!! Thank you for all your helpful responses.......to answer you RABBITS07 when I went to doctor austin only had one dry patch on the back of his shoulder and she really wasnt concerned.....in fact that brings me to another question......do yall get to see a bonafide doctor when you take your lo to the doctors office? I have never seen the actual doctor that has her name on the door always nurse practioners.....(maybe this is the problem?) anyway the nurse did not seem concerned and said just keep lotion on it and that it was perfectly normal.....all babies get it.....well in the last 2 weeks since appt he seems to be breaking out more and more.......this is what concerned me......I posted this question on Friday and NIC NAC recommended the aquaphor and I went right out and bought it on the way home from work......it has really helped!!!!! Now the rough areas are a little less rough and his face has cleared up completely!!! I will check into the j and j body wash and see also about my laundry detergent and fabric softner cause if his face cleared up completely maybe it is one of those that are the culprit for irritating the other areas of his skin........yall are the best!!! Have a great day!!! Oh and please let me know about seeing the nurse pract_tioner or doctor when you take your lo.......



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