Drying Up Breast Milk

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Toya - November 4

For everyone who formula fed their babies or have gone through weaning from br___t to bottle how long did it take for your milk to dry up and for how long were your br___ts uncomfortably tender and full! I just started putting chilled cabbage leaves in my bra to soothe the discomfort and things do feel better...but I would just like to know on average how long it takes for the milk supply to dry up..


hmm - November 4

depends on the person. For me I took a week to wean from b___st to bottle and I was rather sore for most of that week, but felt ok afterwards even though it took another two weeks for my milk to dry up. Other women have told me it took a month, some have said 10 days. Alternate hot and cold compacts on your b___sts and try not to express any milk unless it's just too unbearable then only express enough to make it comfortable.


sian - November 4

i only b___stfed my son for 3 days then my nipples started bleading and were VERY sore, so i started bottle feeding.my son is now 13 days old and my b___bs are not hard and sore anymore, just a little discomfort if i accidentely bang them or if i press on them, so didnt take that long.was told by the midwife to help stop my body producing more milk to limit the amount i drink for a few days (obviously make sure im staying hydrated though)


d - November 4

For me it took a month. Now at the 3rd month I am empty but notice I have a little when I take a shower.


Julie - November 5

This is my second son and I am formula feeding I had my son 2.5 weeks ago and am still leaking.


Toya - November 5

I have been b___stfeeding for 6 months...and I've always been an A cup...now that I'm weaning I am up to a C...and it is all milk!!! I feel much better today than I did yesterday. The cold compress is working better than the cabbage leaves...smells better too.


Mom - November 7

This may not be a good remedie for some but beer dried mine up, when I would drink I didn'tb___st feed I offered formula and kept feeding less and less then one day in that week my brest barley had milk to feed until there was none no pain what so ever, I also had a couple of Margeritas, liqur dehydrated to b___st so they don't get full and hurt, well it worked for me this time the last time i did cabbage leaves and it took a couple of days and boy was I in pain


Ruth - November 7

I only formula fed. My b___sts were very, very sore from day 3 until about 1 1/2 weeks post-partum. I did not use anything for the pain. I delt with it, but it was horrible! After about 1 1/2 weeks, my b___sts felt completely normal again, but they continued to leak until about 3 weeks. Now at 4 weeks, they are back to normal.



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