Ds Has His 2 Month Shots Tomorrow Tylenol

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AshleyB - February 12

Hi, my 9wk old ds has his 2 month shots tomorrow, should I give him something before hand or not? baby motrin, or baby tylenol, --1st time mom here, and not sure. Also should I just expect some crabbiness, or maybe a fever, or what? Thanks ladies...


Smilefull - February 12

Ah sweetie---this is so hard that first round of shots. I think I literally bawled my eyes out. Your ds will be fine--with or without tylenol, but if you can try to have your husband/mom/friend go with you. I have learned to take their bottle, or if you're b___stfeeding, to feed them right after the shot---it helps to just calm them down. I would save the Tylenol or Motrin for afterwards, if they develop a fever.


Selena - February 12

My pediatrician had me bring my infant tylenol with me to the apppointment so I could have the dose ready (based on weight) to give to dd while she got her shots. She said sometimes the sweet distracts them from the pain/shock some. It worked like a charm for the first 2 shots but then the last two she screamed!! I was told to give tylenol every 4 hours for the first 24 hours to stay ahead of the fever and then bak off some the second day if all looked well . Each Dr. is different though and many will just have you wait until the baby gets fussy to start medicating.


CyndiG - February 12

For the 2 months shots, I did give dd tylenol 1 hour before. Then every 4 hours till the next day. She ran a fever and was really cranky. Just be ready to spend the day cuddling. Have dinner delivered and forget about the house. Good Luck!


jenrodel - February 12

I would take the Tylenol with you and if you want to give some beforehand do so after getting your son weighed so the Dr. can tell you the proper amount to give him. I gave my son infant Tylenol before his 2 month shots, but didn't need to give any after. It was horribly hard - I cried - but he didn't have any reaction, swelling, fever etc, although he was pretty cranky for the rest of the day and night. He just had his 4 month shots a week ago and I was so worried, but he didn't even cry! Good luck tomorrow... like Smilefull said see if someone can go with you... makes it a lot easier ;)


MM - February 12

I put the Tylenol in his bottle & fed him right after the shots.


AshleyB - February 12

Thanks ladies, I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow. My mom will be going with my since dh will be working. Tomorrow is just going to be a c___ppy day all around. I have a dentist appt to get 3 teeth filled in the morning then his appt is in the early after noon. I'll be all numb and have a very cranky little boy. :( I guess I'll take the tylenol with me and pray for the best. I'm sure I'll probably cry.


BriannasMummy - February 12

Hey hun. Ka__sidy just had her 2 month old needles today. I didnt give her anything before the needles.. but the doc said I could have given her some baby tylenol or some tempra before hand. I chose to do it afterwards. Next time im going to give it to her before hand though, and keep it going for 24 hours. Just want to make sure you stop a fever before it happens. Keep your chin up hell be fine! ~Kristin~


SuzieQ - February 12

I haven't used anything for my dd's shots. She's had her 2month and 4 month shots with no problems so far (knock wood!). I bought tylenol just in case, but she was fine and didn't need anything.



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