DS Is Changing In A Bad Way I Am Desperate For Help

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kristie h - February 28

Hi Ladies, blair just turned 2 in january and i am very concerned about what is wrong with him. For some time now he has stoped eating breakfast, i try a viarity of foods but 95% he isnt interested in them. For lunch i make him bread with honey or some other topping but still no desire to eat it so i try giveing him some party pies ect and still no luck. As for dinner same thing he is not interested its like he wont touch his meals with a 10 foot pole. He may snack on saultanas and dried apple or have abiscut here and there but thats about it. He used to be into yogurts, cheese ect but has seemed to turn off them also. I have put him into daycare 1 time aweek and he has gone 4 times so far. At 1st he loved it but last time he cried and didnt want me to let him go. When i picked him up from day care he ran up to me and started crying and wanted a cuddle and would not let me put him down. Since day care he doesnt want to nap during the day and tries to fight his sleep. Today i put a shirt on him at around lunch time and he screamed so i put him in his cot as i knew he was tired. He screamed in his cot for some time and and i knew he was tired so i just let him go, he eventually cried himself to sleep which was torture for me. His tantums have become unbelivable to the point i cant handle them. The eating disorder has been going for some time but he would only miss breakfast not eating lunch or dinner has only started to happen from about 2 months ago. I see kids that will eat all there meals but my son will just sit there or walk away from his food. What is wrong with him? Could he be depressed? Could he have an eating disroder? The tantrums, could they be caused by lack of nutrition? Why wont he nap? The napping problem has only started since he has been going to day care, is this normal? could he realy hate day care?Please help, my son has toatlly changed and i realy need some help to figure out what is happen with him.


Rabbits07 - February 28

Hmmm. Well, I know eating pickiness is very common in toddlers and preschoolers. I was always told not to worry about it and everything I've read says it's no big worry either that they will consume what their body needs. The "terrible twos" can be a rough time. In my experience 2 year olds are like little Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hydes! They suddenly start doing all these "mean" things that they never did before hence the name terrible twos. I know it can be concerning though even when people say it's normal, especially when they have just been introduced into a new situation and all. It's hard to determine the cause and effect of it all. I would try to talk to him about daycare and see if you can get him to open up. Just ask him about his friends and what he does at daycare and things like that. I know it's hard to get a lot out of a two year old, but sometimes if you can get them talking just in general they will let you know about anything that's bothering them, Sometimes they don't outright say it, but you just have to listen well and pick up on things they say. You may want to mention it to your pedi as children can go through depression, especially if there is a family history. In all liklihood it is just a phase he's going through, but it never hurts to get a professional input.


Emily - February 28

You might wnat to look into the daycare too. A little fussing is normal, but alot is not. I knew of a kid that acted that way and come to find out he didn't like the daycare, he thought the lady was mean. All his mom did was swich daycares and he was fine. About the eating, talk to his ped, but Rabbits is right, alot of toddlers are picky eaters. my two year old is just now starting to eat again after three days of nothing but milk. (she was sick though) What I am saying is though, as long as he isnt' losing any wieght, it is pobably okay and he will grow out of it... good luck


kristie h - February 28

Hi Ldies thanks for the fast replies. Come to think of it one of his teachers just has that mean look about her if you know what i mean. I know not to judge a book by its cover but i wouldnt put it past her. I think i will see how he reacts in the next couple of weeks at day care and he he still doesnt like it i may try another day care. Also when should the naps during the day stop? I think he is to young not to have naps so i thougt just to ask.


Heather F - February 28

is the four times you have sent him to daycare his first experience away from you for long periods of time?


Mellissa - February 28

my daughter stopped taking naps altogether when she was 2. I think some kids just don't like to sleep during the day. She also stopped eating. My pediatrician called it "toddler anorexia". She said it's very common for children to not want to eat anything. And like Emily said, as long as he's not losing weight, he should be good.. just keep offering it. As for the daycare..it could be that he is not comfortable with his teacher. Maybe she disciplined him, or he saw her discipline someone else. I would try to "pop-in" during the day sometime to see if you catch anything out of the ordinary happening. I would talk to the teachers there and ask them how his behavior is with the other kids.. are any of them mean to him, does he prefer to play by himself, etc. He could have a complex about socializing. My dd was like that for a while. Now she's very comfortable with other children. Then of course, he could just not want to leave you. My dd this morning told me she's "afraid" of my mom..hoping I wouldn't leave for work. I know my mom is not aggressive, or anything...Rylee just likes to say she's afraid of things when she doesn't want to them.


aurorabunny - February 28

Definetly worth checking into the day care, but I gotta say, that aside this sounds like normal 2 year old behavior to me. I know, it sucks..lol. We were told the same thing about "toddler anorexia" like Melissa said.



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