DS Tv Shows Are Brainwashing Me

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kristie h - March 7

Hi ladies, DS tv shows are driving me NUTS!!! Hes into the wiggles and we have them in concert on DVD. From the time we wake up to the time he goes to bed he wants nothing but the wiggles DVD on. I know the songs back to front!! Its that bad that i sing the songs in my head nearly all day and somtines i even slip up singing them out loud. Anyone elses kids TV show brain washing them?


aurorabunny - March 7

LOLOLOL We did something at my baby shower where all the guests wrote down advice for the new mom (me), and one of my girlfriends that has a toddler and a newborn wrote down "Don't ever let them watchThe Wiggles, not even once." Hahaha. But yes, it is bad. The two that torture me the worst are The Wonder Pets song and "rescue pack...comin' to the rescue" from the Go Diego Go show. LOL.


Steph - March 7

Hot potato hot potato....mashed bananna mashed bananna....AHHHHHH!! Don't get me started!!!!


Mellissa - March 7

lol dh walks around singing the themsong from little einsteins. i think it's so cute. the wonder pets get stuck in my head all the time too aurorabunny.


CyndiG - March 7

Gimme that, Gimme that, Gimme that fruit! LOL!


snugglybugglys - March 7

Pinky dinky doo! yeseroonie positoonie! I actually have that stuck in my head right now!


aurorabunny - March 7

OH SNUGGLYBUGGLYS WHY?? Why did you just do that to me.....DAMMIT. That's the worst of the worst...LOL


Lisastar9 - March 7

I was singing the backyardigians theme song today when I was in Walmart today when I sern the stuffed characters of them on the shelf


luviduvi - March 7

Ohhh, you haven't seen nuthin' until you have seen the Wiggles in concert!!! Which, by the way are great! The kiddies, even when they aren't your own, make you cry and laugh! We have also seen ELMO makes music which is cool b/c your children think its real. Tears. My daughter has decoed our home in Dora. But...she really loves "The Upside Down Show" don't understand it myself but my dd glues herself to that. Just wait Kristin, my dd has 4 Wiggles dvd and can do ALL the dances! It is HILARIOUS!!!


kristie h - March 7

LOL girls, its torture. The concert we have on DVD is the one in sydney and i must admit luveduvi it is very good. DS is two and already has the actions for "rocka by your bear" down pat and whn jeff drops his head and pretends he is asleep of course DS has to do the same. Its funny to watch him but its annoying when the songs are "drumed" into your head.


luviduvi - March 7

No, I meant we saw the Wiggles and ELMO LIVE! AHH the MADNESS


ConnorsMommy - March 7

Mellissa- my dh sings the little einsteins theme song too!!.. oh, and one time when we got in the car he went: "pat, pat, pat, pat, pat.." i was cracking up!!! it's not very often i see my 280lb. 6'2'' dh act like a little 3 y.o.!!


Mellissa - March 7

Connorsmommy...i know! Isn't it adorable when you see grown men singing "I love balloons, i love i love balloons"? lol. and the "pat pat pat pat" thing.. that's HILARIOUS!!


Maggie - March 7

Is it just me, or do the wonder pets and lazytown really freak you out?


meagan1227 - March 7

i've had elmos song stuck in my head all day today, lala lala elmo loves his gold fish, his crayon too


Mellissa - March 7

lazytown absolutely freaks me out. the guys seem a little odd.. and i don't llike them.



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