Ds Will Be 5mth Old On The 10th Not Rolling Yet

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luviduvi - March 2

Ds is still not rolling over! He can sit by himself for about 10 seconds, he can hold toys in his hands and eats and LOVES greenbeans! Why can't this child roll-over? Do some skip rolling? Dd rolled at 4 mths.......


ash2 - March 2

I wouldnt worry too much. My first DS didnt roll over untill he was around that age. Some kids just arent getting it. and plainly just dont feel like it !


shannan - March 2

I would not worry. My ds did not roll until he was 5 months. It just took him some time. All babies develop differently.


Hana - March 2

Mine only rolled the one time and never since and he's 5.5 months. He doesn't even look like he's close to trying...oh well! Im sure they will catch up. ps-how do you prepare the greenbeans? My ds hates veggies coz i made the mistake of feeding fruits first and cant stand blandness of veggies!


bradylove - March 2

My first rolled over at 3 months and my second took forever!! I think he was like 6 months or something...


luviduvi - March 3

Hana, I fed ds fruit first too and he amazingly didn't have any problems eating the green beans. I just heat them up to prepare them and he EATS them. I guess this is a return b/c dd doesn't eat a thing except play-doh and chicken! YUK! Some people take the green beans and mix them in with pears and baby seems to eat better so try that. Good Luck! Getting a child to eat can be so difficult.


jess - March 3

my ds was the same , and then at 5 months 1 day he rolled over!


Danielle19 - March 3

my son didn't roll until 6 months same time he started sitting una__sisted, and he has probley only rolled over 10 times since, and hes 8 months now and crawling so i wouldn't worry to much about it


HannahBaby - March 3

My son is 4 1/2 months (will be 5 months on the 17th) and he JUST within the last week started rolling over. TOday he log rolled almost all the way across the living room! It will happen, dont worry (i also caught son sucking on his toes today!!)


mandee25 - March 4

I want to know about this too because I have read somewhere on here that a baby rolled from tummy to back at a VERY young age and I found it hard to believe. Anyways, my 14 1/2 week old ds hasn't yet either.


DeeJay - March 5

My dd is 6 1/2 months old and just started rolling one way (back to tummy) 3 weeks ago. She HATES her tummy!!!! But she always wants to stand and bounce, so I think she is going straight to walking. She just gets fustrated with things so quickly if she can't get it right away she crys and gets p__sed. and wont try again, sooo like my husband!! lol. She is close to sitting una__sisted, but she still toples over most of the time. She was just to the doc and he said she was doing great, so I wouldn't worry about your lo, sounds very normal.


BriannasMummy - March 5

Aw ww I think it will happen when hes ready. A lot of babies take their time with this milestone. My dd was an early roller she started at 3 weeks and I cant keep her on her tummy for tummy time for the life of me. All 3 of my best friends sons started rolling over at 5 months plus. He'll start doing it all of a sudden.. youll see.. perhaps today might be the day??? Try not to worry. ~Kristin~


hutcho1984 - March 5

my dd rolled from front to back at 11 weeks. still not back to front yet, she is 13 weeks. nic x



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