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Dawn C - December 26

I know this may seem like a dumb question,. but I always hear keep your babies feet covered. My lil guy seems to keep sweaty feet in socks. Do any of you let your child go barefoot in winter. He is only 10 wks so it not like he is walking and going outside. He lays with a light blanket over him


Ashley - December 26

I don't. My daughter hates having her feet covered so when we're at home I keep her bare feet or if its chilly with little slippers. When we go out I always put socks on her and those Robbeez (sp?) shoes on her so she can't kick them off. By the way, I think all babies get sweaty feet, at least mine does! Sometimes even smelly!


Shelly - December 26

Jesse has sweaty feet too!! But I do not keep him barefoot,I always have either socks or slippers on his feet.I think it's important to keep them warm.And.....I don't think your question is dumb!!!


SonyaM - December 26

Not a dumb question....I think it depends on the situation. I feel Mason's feet to determine what I do. If they are cold to the touch I put socks on him, if not I let him go barefoot. I would personally hate to have my feet covered all of the time so I try to give him the same respect. Often times he is in a sleeper anyway so of course his feet are covered then.


Heidi - December 26

Not dumb. Emma's tootsies are always chilled so I keep socks on her under her onsies.


TC - December 26

This is a great question Dawn bc I am sure that there is someone out there who wonders the same thing and feels funny asking. I put socks on Danny's feet bc they are usually cold to the touch. When I take him out in the winter I put socks on him bc I just can't see myself going out without any on. My little one also has sweaty feet with lint between his toes but I kind of prefer them sweaty than ice cold.


mama-beans - December 26

Just something to keep in mind.. I did the same, my DD always seemed to have hot feet, even in the cold. I hardly ever put socks or shoes on her, just kept her in her blanket or in a warm room... flash forward to when she is 10 months old and starting to walk.. then 12 months when it starts getting cold outside, and now 15 months, when it is cold, snowy, uck... and I had to FIGHT my little girl to get her to let me cover her feet. It took her SO LONG to be able to wear shoes without crying. She still pulls off her socks if she isn't wearing her Robeez over them.. so she wears her Robeez all the time unless she's in shoes or her footie PJ's... Just something to keep in mind. You want them to want things on their feet.


monica - December 26

caleb wears socks all the time. i love to wear socks and cant sleep without them. cant stand having cold feet so he wears them all the time. ....I am a shoe lover too so he has a lot of shoes and I feel like he is missing something if he goes out in public without shoes.



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