Dumb Question Ok To Feed Baby In Swing

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coco797 - May 2

This may be a stupid question....but is it OK to feed baby in her swing? DD just started eating solids. She's 4 months and can't sit on her own. When DH tries to hold her while I feed her she tries to get away, she leans forward, she wiggles. Last night he was busy so I fed her in her swing. She didn't wiggle, she actually ate great! If it's ok, I want to continue letting her sit in her swing for meals until she can sit up better.


Malica - May 2

It is not ok. While learning how to eat solids babies will inevitably will gag/cough a little if food starts going down the back of their throats and she is not ready for it. Do NOT feed a baby in a reclined position as they can choke on stuff they could have normally cleared with a little cough (when not fighting gravity, that is). Being able to sit up in a high chair (many offer tons of support, so it's not too hard), is one of the fundamental signs on if a baby is ready to start solid foods or not. Sounds like she's not developed enough to be ready for solids yet.


ewilson - May 2

My dd is now 2 1/2 and I faced the same problem. She was ready for solids, but wasn't able to sit on her own in a high chair. So I did a similar thing and she sat in a little chair that was similar to a bouncer but more upright. I sat right next to her on the floor and she would eat wonderfully. I think it is o.k. because if she was going to choke I think she would have done it in either place. She was also not eating very much at this time.


coco797 - May 2

Well, her swing is at it;s highest point, like a 45 degree angle. Don't a lot of the high chairs recline anyway?


eclectic66 - May 2

Yes, many high chairs do have a reclined position and I am sure it is there for the same reason. I had the same issue with my ds and we did the same thing for a short time (only bc we didn't have a high chair to put him in yet) and like you..it was set at it's highest point and he did just fine. I would say if she is eating well then go for it and do what works. I'm sure if she started to choke you could get to her just as quickly as you would if she was in a high chair. GL.


cors1wfe - May 2

If she eats without any choking trouble I think it is fine - you are right there watching her - especially since her swing isn't really reclining --- do what works - when you get a chance you can get a highchair if you don't have one already. I used to feed my sons in their infant carriers at first - we had no issues and they loved their solids.


coco797 - May 2

You know, i just realized somehting. Why would my swing have a snack tray on it if it wasn't ok to feed her in it? cors1wfe-I do plan on gettting a highchair, hopefully this weekend :-) thanks everyone for your input



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